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  • Tharindu Athapaththu Hewage

    1.Who am I and what do I do:
    I'm Tharindu Lakshan Athapaththu and I'm a maths student.
    2.Where am I from and where do I live: I'm from Sri Lanka and I live in Akuressa
    3.My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
    It is the best way to learn music for me..
    4.This song’s lyrics make me…
    Sing LOUDLY
    5.What am I looking forward to: I'm looking for contributing more and support Sri Lankans in sinhala Language..

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  • Tharindu Athapaththu Hewage

    Many songs of Sri Lanka (I think 99.999% songs) are in sinhala language.. and now Most of Sri lankans are using musixmatch to view lyrics.. and most songs showing their lyrics in sinhala language and in sinhala fonts also..but I saw sinhala language was not existing as a known language in musixmatch app.. So I kindly request you please give us sinhala language and It will be good because Many people added sinhala lyrics and some songs were translated from sinhala to other languages also.. So please I hope You will care about my kindly request.. thank you..
    (Sorry for bad English, I'm still studying yet)![alt text](![image url](![image url]([image url]([link url](![link url](![image url](image url)))))))

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