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  • rhythmcoder


    Here is the example of the problem.
    This song is Kendrick Lamar's 'Mortal Man' and It has some narrations. It must be divided by sentence, not by paragraph.

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  • rhythmcoder

    1. sync music
    2. identify music
    3. Fuction for lyrics contributer

    putting it side one and two, (cause all of the people on this page are complaing about these), I ask you to add and repair these about 3

    • Sometimes translation can not be transact. Even I added some Korean translation on serveral English music, some lines of it didnt saved.

    Please test song 'unforgetable' - It is very famous and rise above on charts -
    Translations of some lines on the song can't be displayed for all of the language. All of the line is same

    • Please add some kind of user feature for contributor. Free of change image of profile picture and Sync with change user name are needed. Even I changed username of my profile, It also cannot be transact with app. Old name is remaining

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  • rhythmcoder

    Why we can't change our user name when we joined using Facebook ID? And why we can't add a profile picture when we joined using email?

    It seems like small kind of thing, But sometimes It can important function to gather music geek

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  • rhythmcoder

    Don't use just translator or dictionary for translate English language to the Korean language. It seems always awkward to view of Korean people. Korean language has very delicate and reversed grammar structure

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