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  • Qendeel Iftikhar

    My Language is not found in the list
    First I used to translate into the empty sign in Language list, Then App begun to show here Pakistani Flag, but did not Name that language. Now that Language name is showen as PUNJABI which I think was also a local language of my country, But from some time here is flag of India is being showen, If you are promoting a local language of India, But not promoting National Language of My country in translation languages list.
    Please Add here a new Language Named URDU or اردو , and place here flag of Pakistan.
    Otherwise I will continue to translate into Punjabi.. Which will not suitable for both of Indian and Pakistani, because writting script of both countries are written different ways, though our language are almost same, but we both can't understand written material of each others languages.
    Thanks a lot

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  • Qendeel Iftikhar

    What the hell problem with submissions of translation. When I completed all my translation. This damn app again bark BE THE FIRST TO TRANSLATE THIS SONG. Most of my songs are not saving translation.

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  • Qendeel Iftikhar

    Dear team members!
    At extent to lyrics, we can copy at somewhere else, if the app often does not work. But when we translate the existing lyrics the app says us thank you to submit the translation. But when we replay that song, here is nothing of translation, again app says us to be first to translate in specific language. Previous night I translated 4 songs, but here is nothing at all. Translation is quite difficult we have to often collect word to word meaning from either online dictionaries or is to install different dictionaries apps. Your app says us to re translate.
    Second thing, you have to add a option. As I didn't understand Turkish language. But I can understand English. In the arabic language song, lyrics is in arabic script. When I come to translate into my language, I see the arabic script. Here English translation was also available. If you give the option from English translation then I can easily translate that arabic script into my own language.
    Please solve that problem. I also checked my internet connection there was no problem in it.
    Third thing,
    Where on languages bar you have put the Pakistani flag, write here language name as well if you don't find from anywhere this is Urdu language. And locally it is written like this

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