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  • Payre


    Hey, the previous lyrics must be active, and it seems as if the lyrics are in pretty bad shape, if you don't mind can I change them to our standards (so will you publish them, just copy-paste)?


    (Huh) I don't wanna be a prick (Raah)
    Seems like I gotta be a bit
    Don't holla me you pig (Yeah)
    Man only follow when you're big
    So, anybody who don't like me, I don't give a frig
    Frig nice, frig kind, frig fair (Raah)
    Frig life, frig rules, and who cares? (Raah)
    Frig them, frig him, and frig her (Raah)
    Frig this, I'll punch him straight in his face (Yeah)
    Man have been bathing in rage
    Feel like I've been wasting away (Yeah)
    Listeners now wanna sleep, no waking the brain
    There's just no space for the strain (Yeah)
    Punch my way through
    Give 'em hits, I'm taking my place
    Red-nose, I'm taking the reigns (Yeah)
    Trust this time not sitting with a busking mind gonna change it
    Fam I'm not waiting for change (No way, raah)
    'Cause that makes zero sense
    Don't mean money like zero pence
    Watch what you say 'cause I'll box you up
    You best hold your tongue like zero French
    On the ball, fam, forget the wall (Ayy)
    I kick it with a Beckham or a Pirlo bend
    I'm chillin' never stopping never near no end
    Not a villain, well, I guess that I'm a hero then, ah
    Throw combos elbows like Kimbo
    Giving out beats like Ringo
    Murk from the intro
    Shut man out when you think so
    Smash mass hits come straight through your window
    Fans these days can't handle the info
    They want bars for the brains on a bimbo
    So many bars fly over man's head
    Fam, is this the music game or limbo?
    Conquer the, conquer the world on my ones, yo
    I'm a Ghenghis horde I'm a Mongol (Wait)
    When approaching your fort see the bridge get drawn
    Better blow all your horns and trombones
    Living on the path that one chose (One chose)
    Spitting in the labs what I'm on most (On most)
    Yo, it's no game when I'm writing bars
    You'll see me with the pad no console, raah

    I got control but no control
    Dunno what it means but I got both
    People in the scene so monotone
    Everybody sounds like another clone
    Fans their please that's another joke
    See that I'm the best when in my zone
    You can even see through a blindfold
    Fed up on seeing shit guys post
    So I gotta spread like I'm on toast
    So sick I take the piss make a guy know
    I got so many tunes I could take the "P" every two weeks
    Sounds like he's on the dole
    This games like dice so many fake guys might see snake eyes
    'Cause I'm on a roll
    I got so many friends after the same thing
    And we can't all fit in one throne
    Friendships don't last 'cause when their surpassed
    They think I'ma—like wrong hole
    I take time not taking a seat
    Waste time won't make a repeat
    Man wanna be bad mind then take a receipt
    Left hook will be taking your teeth
    Undercover haters sleep, I'm taking the sheet
    Best know your place, yes, I said place
    Roundhouse kick your face will get laced
    Well, what did you expect when taking the "P"

    Raah, you better ring the alarm
    Lost all the things that are keeping me calm
    Stone cold attitude so there's no holes barred
    Kamikaze and charge I'ma raah sabotage
    I'ma villian and I can't hide or camouflage
    Got a evil side Jekyll hides in the dark

    PS: Nice flow, please publish this, I added the ad-libs too, and as of instagram give it some time ;)

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  • Payre

    @zaki I cleaned the last paragraph now you should be able to add a new translation for last verse

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  • Payre

    Cosign @Hoan-Duc

    Being verified means you'll have full access over your lyrics and make them available on Google*, Apple Music*, and Instagram* and JioSaavn.

    You can fill this form.

    • We as curators don't have any idea how long it takes or how they use musixmatch, and might not appear immediately

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  • Payre

    just to check in, did it appear on Instagram?

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  • Payre

    @priiz the team is working consistently improving, I personally make sure that my sync is perfect so I only sync using desktop app and fine tune it.

    And as an artist it's good to have you around, if you haven't yet verified yourself, let me know or you can fill the form for the verified artist and read more about that here.

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  • Payre

    I skipped the discussion. But this has been happening to me for over 2 months now. Last when I reported it to the developers, they asked me to clear app date—spoilers alert: it doesn't work.

    PS: This only happens on Android.

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  • Payre

    Folks, try giving us either Spotify or AM/iTunes link to the song.

    Else we'll have to ignore your messages

    No links from:
    1. Tidal
    2. SoundCloud
    3. YouTube
    4. Ganna/Savan

    Even discogs is no good

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  • Payre

    @arjunz-gorkhaliz You might wanna check your mail, and join the slack, and I too am Nepali good to have you. If you need any help you know how to dm ;). And congrats on being a curator.

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  • Payre

    @surafale-m-alemu yo, bud wrong place to post this, dm me your problem! or even better fill out this form.

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  • Payre

    Yo, @Popular-Original I got you, I didn't use your lyrics; the original was a big mess. I went to YouTube used their lyrical video and used my good ol' ear for the ad-libs. Some "Oh, yeah" maybe hard to sync word-to-word but it'll be fine for line to line.

    Let me know if there are any more errors.

    Thank you for your report ^


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