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  • nina

    Mishu said:

    Here Youre Answer
    Please click on the link below to know how to add lyrics and adding lyrics policy
    Add lyrcs
    Hope you'll find the answer

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  • nina

    Kjell Ahlström said:


    Spotify integration doesn't work in windows app.

    Step 1: Download app
    Step 2: Click to connect to Spotify
    ERROR: Empty connect popup opens
    Step 3: Close empty popup
    Step 4: Click connect to spotify button again
    Step 5: Now connection popup work, fill out musixmatch details. 8 Ball Pool
    ERROR: Connected but not showing spotify lyrics
    Step 6: Click reconnect to Spotify
    Step 7: New kind of connect dialog appears that seems to belong to Spotify. Fill it out.Google Hangouts
    ERROR: Connected but still not showing spotify lyrics.
    Any reconnect attempts yield same results.
    Step 8: Restart app, nope, no luck, connected but still not showing spotify lyrics.Omegle
    Step 9: Restart computer and restart Musixmatch
    ERROR: Musixmatch crashes on launch after computer reboot.
    Step 10: Uninstall Musicmatch
    Step 11: Cry and retry from step1 with same results.

    Congrats for your first contribution, but I don't seem to peer your name on the actual lyrics for the track. in case you aren't familiar with a way to add lyrics, you actually look for the tune on the primary MusixMatch internet site, search for the music (or use the app for your smartphone or computer) and add lyrics from there.

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