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  • Musixmatch

    Play music from Spotify or iTunes and get Musixmatch scrolling lyrics in time to the music.


    The Musixmatch desktop app brings you synchronized lyrics to any song that's currently playing in your Spotify or iTunes, making it easy to start singing along to your favourite tunes on your computer.

    Simply open the Musixmatch desktop app, fire up any song on iTunes or Spotify and lyrics will appear in an always-on-top window.

    Complete your music experience with Musixmatch and never miss a word again!

    Download the app from here

    If you're using Windows 10, you must be logged in and check that your date of birth is inserted and saved.

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  • Musixmatch

    The desktop app doesn't open on Mac?

    Download the latest version of the app and try again to open it.

    Does the issue still persist? Please contact us sending an email to

    The desktop app is not working through Spotify?

    • Clean the cache:
    1. Search the Musixmatch folder writing down %AppData% on FileExplorer or on the Search box of your Start screen
      2a) For Windows, please follow that folder path: AppData\Local\Packages\MUSIXMATCH.LYRICS_7gejyv32yt3te\LocalCache\Roaming\Musixmatch
      2b) For Mac, please follow that folder path:
      /Library/Application Support/Musixmatch
    2. Delete the folder
    • Update the app
    • Verify that you're using the same Spotify account both in Spotify and Musixmatch
    • Close the Musixmatch window, wait 30 seconds and re-open it
    • Click on Pause, wait 30 seconds and click on Play (on Spotify)
    • Change Track on Spotify and wait 30 seconds
    • Login / Logout (Musixmatch)
    • Close the app (right mouse button on Musixmatch tray icon > "Quit Musixmatch") e re-open it

    If after these tests, the problem is still present, we invite you to contact us via mail to, sending your log:

    • right mouse button on Musixmatch tray icon
    • click on "Copy debug log to clipboard"
    • paste the log on the private message you'll send to us

    No lyrics are displayed for the song you are listening through Spotify or iTunes?

    Please check if the Musixmatch app is currently running on your system.

    Go to Task Manager > Startup and then right-click on the program and select Enable Musixmatch from the popup menu.

    Then fire up any song from Spotify or iTunes and wait 10 seconds before checking whether the lyrics are displayed on the windows.

    If you still experience problems, report the issue writing at so we can help you.

    When you try to log-in, you have a white window?

    1. Clear your cookies and cache. 2) Try to log-in again

    You have Linux and the desktop app is not working?

    It's a current problem that you're solving. We apoligize for the inconvenience.

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  • Musixmatch

    Are a new Musixmatch contributor?!

    Welcome on the Musixmatch Forum!

    Please say "Hello" in your language (Salut!, Ciao!, ¡Hola, 안녕하세요. etc), introduce yourself in English (your name, country, known languages, etc) and share with us your ideas about Musixmatch (pros and cons).

    Thank you and welcome on board

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  • Musixmatch

    Sing Along With Song Lyrics Again

    It's finally time to enjoy the new Musixmatch app for Mac!

    Start listening to your favourite music using Spotify and iTunes and get scrolling lyrics across your screen in time to the music.

    Installing Musixmatch for Mac.

    You can download Musixmarth for Mac directly from here.

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  • Musixmatch

    If you have purchased our Premium plan but you still display ads, please check to be logged into Musixmatch using the same account you used when you purchased the Premium Plan.

    The Musixmatch subscription is associated to one Musixmatch account.

    Currently, it is not possible to transfer a Premium Plan from one Musixmatch account to another.

    Instead, you need to cancel your current Premium Plan and repurchase it in your new account.

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  • Musixmatch

    Lyrics Curators are the most passionate and active community members, hand-selected by the Musixmatch internal team based on the merit of their contributions.

    They have been spotted for the high quality of their transcribed lyrics, for the high commitment into the Musixmatch mission (build the world's largest lyrics catalogue) and for the interactions with other community members.

    This includes providing feedback to other contributors, participating in forum discussions, helping mentor new users, and encouraging great content.

    You can spot them by looking for the curator label on their profile in the Musixmatch website.

    0_1505315323722_LYRICS CURATOR.jpg

    Lyrics Curator privileges:*

    • Curator label
    • Access to the Musixmatch Moderation forum
    • Access to Musixmatch Community Slack
    • Publish lyrics without the community approval
    • Accept/reject lyrics
    • Validate Lyrics

    *curators privileges can and will be revoked if:

    • you ask us to,
    • we get a high number of complaints,
    • you’ve been inactive for too long,
    • or you simply aren’t following the guidelines.

    Things we encourage lyrics curators to do:

    • Consistently contributing high-quality lyrics
    • Post new lyrics when a song drops, add old songs we’re missing, or correct lyrics.
    • Leading, inspiring, and mentoring other contributors
    • Creating new initiatives on the Forum.

    Become a Lyrics Curator

    To be considered for the curation role, you must be an exceptional contributor who consistently contributes to the Musixmatch catalog in one or more of the following ways:

    • Adding missing lyrics

    • Reviewing existing lyrics

    • Transcribing accurate lyrics for new releases

    • Editing wrong lyrics

    • Reporting mistakes on lyrics

    Before reaching out ask yourself a few things:

    Have you been contributing for more than 3 months?
    Are your transcribed lyrics up to par with our lyrics guidelines?
    Have you been active on the Musixmatch Forum?
    Are you helping us with the new releases?
    Can you grant your help on your daily/weekly basis?

    If the answer to these questions is yes, please Apply now and you could be the next lyrics curator!

    This information will be visible to staff and some curators.
    Please make sure your email is valid and correct. A staff member or curators might get in touch with you for more information before accepting your application.

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  • Musixmatch


    Enjoy the new Musixmatch app for Mac or for Windows!

    Start listening to your favourite music using Spotify and iTunes and get scrolling lyrics across your screen in time to the music!

    There’s more to come – we’re currently working on several additions that will make the lyrics experience even more fun!

    Please stay tuned, and in the meantime, let us know what you think filling this survey.

    Download the app from here

    #SingingIsFun 🎤

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  • Musixmatch

    It's time to enjoy Musixmatch Premium! You can enjoy full access to the following premium features:

    Offline lyrics:
    As a premium user you can save all the synced lyrics and their translations locally for offline listening.
    Every song you will listen to will be saved on your device and you will be able to enjoy your music with lyrics everywhere you go while saving on your data plan.

    No ads:
    In-app synced lyrics and their floating version will be displayed without advertising to let you enjoy the lyrics you love without interruption.

    Boost Speed:
    Premium users will have a dedicated faster service to make Musixmatch faster in loading lyrics, instantly.

    No commitment:
    Cancel any time you like.

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  • Musixmatch

    Musixmatch is completely compatible with lots of music applications for Android (most of the best music streaming services are included) and offers a floating lyrics windows on top.

    The following table shows, for every music service of the list, how Musixmatch can display the lyrics.
    Two ways are possible, scrolling mode or static mode*, or none of them if the music player used is not integrated with Musixmatch.

    Music Player Static Lyrics Synced Lyrics
    Deezer x
    Google Play Music
    Amazon Music x
    Double Twist
    Gaana x
    n7 Player x
    JetAudio x
    Poweramp x
    Rocket Player x
    Saavn x
    Sony Music
    Apple Music
    Anghami x
    • Please note that some lyrics are still not synchronized and for this reason we will display its static version even if the player is supported by Musixmatch.

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  • Musixmatch

    Thank you guys for all your comments and support!
    With your continued contribution of feedback and ideas we keep making Musixmatch better together.

    We want to let you know some of the top ideas we have been able to add to Musixmatch and the ideas we haven’t been able to get into our apps yet but we're reviewing and considering for the next releases.

    Please keep telling us what you would love to see added to Musixmatch, we’re eager to hear your thoughts!


    Add Romanization for non-alphabet language

    (thank you @andy-firanda 🙌)

    New Lyrics Without Voting

    (thank you @brian-neale 🙌)

    No more Community approval request, now lyrics are available immediately after being submitted by contibutors.


    A special thanks to @Yasito who collected a lot of great ideas and made us understand better which features are important to you all. See the complete list here : List of Suggestions for Musixmatch and upvote his post to show support!

    Lyric Font Colour

    ( thank you @jess-munro 🙌)

    Save lyrics offline by batches/group of songs

    ( thank you @jm-tanjusay 🙌)

    Make user profiles public

    (thank you @kripansh-mishra🙌)

    Draft lyrics

    (thank you @luis-martins 🙌)

    Find a way that will allow us to fix wrong lyrics more easilly.

    Enable chat for Community users

    (thank you @akhil-vennam 🙌)

    Corrected lyrics submitted by higher ranking contributors

    Number of characters per line

    ( thank you @Nagi-Ishikura 🙌)

    FloatingLyrics as Notification

    (thank you @Federico-Sabbioni 🙌)

    Comments on the new reporting system

    (thank you @luis-martins 🙌)


    Suggested edits view

    (thank you @luis-martins 🙌)

    Adding artists as favorites

    (thank you @luis-martins 🙌)

    Disable FloatingLyrics for certain apps

    ( thank you @michael-capehart 🙌)

    Support Groove Music

    ( thank you @oseph-chan 🙌)

    Change Background Color

    ( thank you @ayush-singh 🙌)

    Repeted lines

    ( thank you @jonathan-bradshaw 🙌))

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  • Musixmatch

    To upgrade your Premium plan you must purchase the subscription with the same iTunes or Google Play account on which you made the initial purchase.

    On Android please check your current Play Store account from the Google Settings app.

    Please make sure you're using the same email on which you received the receipt of your initial purchase.

    In case you made the purchase from an iOS device you must upgrade your plan from your iOS device using the Musixmatch app.

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  • Musixmatch

    In order to sync the lyrics with the music you need to be able to play the song and control it from the Musixmatch app.

    You can either connect to a Spotify Premium account or have the song downloaded on your device's library.

    Once you have the possibility to play a song from the Musixmatch app you can directly sync the song you're listening from another music app or look up the song you'd like to sync on tap on the colored dots icon to start syncing the song.

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  • Musixmatch

    With Musixmatch Premium you can enjoy any synced lyrics and their translations - online and offline.

    To access your favorite lyrics while offline, simply open them at least once when connected to the internet.

    This will automatically label the lyrics as “Saved Offline” and make them available for your offline enjoyment.

    When you will open the song the saved lyrics will automatically display.

    All your offline lyrics will be available from the Saved Lyrics section in the My Music tab.
    From there you will be able to manage your offline lyrics and clear all of them if needed.

    0_1523872858650_Image uploaded from iOS.jpg

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  • Musixmatch


    Musixmatch will make you love your lock screen.

    Lyrics fan? If you love memorizing and singing along to lyrics, the new Musixmatch Lyrics LockScreen is what you need!

    We’re introducing a new simple and useful app to get the lyrics to whatever song you are currently playing from Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora or from any other music app, directly where your attention always is, on your lock screen.

    The syncing between lyrics and music is one of the coolest things about it, but it’s not over yet!
    With its simple design, the Musixmatch Lyrics Lockscreen makes your screen look elegant and beautiful.

    Enjoy its simple and elegant design.


    In addition, you can enjoy also these following features:

    Music Controls: Control the music player without unlocking your device
    Notifications: Get your notifications directly on your lock screen

    Download the new Musixmatch Lyrics Lockscreen app now from the Google Play Store.

    ’Cause you make feel like
    I’ve been locked out of Heaven
    For too long, for too long

    • Bruno Mars, Locked Out Of Heaven

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  • Musixmatch

    Whenever a Chromecast is detected on the same Wi-Fi network of your device and you are playing music from your local files, the Chromecast icon will show up the top right corner of the player screen.

    Chromecast works with your local music files only.

    Due to technical limitation is not possible to cast your Spotify music (as well as Youtube and Google Play) to Chromecast.

    Floating Lyrics service is not available on Chromecast.

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  • Musixmatch

    A song is not on our catalog? Have you find a catalog issue?

    Starting today you can report us the problem filling out this form.

    Have you a different problem with the lyrics?

    Discover all tips and tricks among the post of this category, find answers to common questions, and get help writing a new post!

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  • Musixmatch

    With the help of our Community we want to make available for anyone the freshest new songs lyrics and albums. We’re also constantly trying to grow our database by adding old songs too. Whenever you see that a song has missing lyrics, click Add lyrics, write down the lyrics and save it.

    Great places to find missing lyrics to add include:

    • Contribute page: Find out which missing lyrics we recommend you to add from your personalized list.

    • Musixmatch Discussions: Forum Managers and contributors post if they need team members.

    If you are new to Musixmatch your lyrics will need to be approved by other users before they get published. You can invite your friends to review your lyrics by sharing the Musixmatch link via your favourite social media channel. When your lyrics have been approved by the community, they will appear online and will be ready to be enjoyed by everybody.

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  • Musixmatch

    Volunteer translators make it possible for us to make Musixmatch available in many languages around the world.

    Thank you for your interest and contributions!
    You are helping to make Musixmatch enjoyed to a lot of people!

    If you've got foreign language skills and you are a Musixmatch lover, apply to join our Translator Community!
    Here's how to get involved:

    1. Sign up or log in to
    We're using to manage translations on the website and mobile apps.


    2. Select the language you are going to translate into.
    Click on the flag for the language you'd like to help write translations for.


    3. Select the language you are going to translate into.
    You can see the percentage that each file in these folders has been translated.
    Click on the file you want to contribute to.


    4. Start translating.
    After translating a string, click confirm to save it.

    Once the files have been fully translated into a language, makes them available for verification.
    You'll need to first contact us at in order for us to grant you reviewer privileges.

    ⭐️ Are you also a real Musixmatch lover? Do you use Musixmatch like a pro? Apply to become a proofreader! ⭐️

    Apply here.

    Then you can help verify translations by clicking on your preferred language in the voting section.


    Click on the file you want to review selecting the Proofreading Mode.


    If a translated string looks correct, click the '✓'

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  • Musixmatch

    thank you for your feedback.

    Unfortunately translated lyrics are not supported yet on the Desktop app but that's something we're working on and it will be available in the next version of the app.

    Musixmatch team

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  • Musixmatch

    Identify and get the lyrics to any song that’s playing around you with one tap. 🎧

    If you are listening to a track and you don’t know who the artist is, you can fire up Musixmatch and in a matter of seconds you’ll find out.

    • Click 'Identify Lyrics' in the left menu.
    • Just tap the button, and let Musixmatch hear the music for a few seconds

    As soon as the song is identified, Musixmatch delivers Cover Art and lyrics synced in time to the music, letting you sing along to your favorite jams. 🎤

    Youtube Video

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  • Musixmatch

    If you connect your Spotify Premium account with Musixmatch you will get automatically saved all your lyrics identified via the "Identify" feature.

    They will be saved into a dedicated Spotify Playlist named "Discovered by Musixmatch".


    To start adding songs, simply use Musixmatch to identify a song playing around you as you typically would do tapping on the "Identify" button.

    After the application recognizes the song, it will be simultaneously added to your "Discovered by Musixmatch" playlist in Spotify.

    Another benefit of connecting Spotify is that you can play the full track directly in Musixmatch after it's been recognized.

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