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    Iasou asked two very important questions about this issue, be sure you're on the right profile and you're respecting the guidelines :)
    For all the rest you should write to
    If you haven't received any answer please try again, maybe you ended up in spam!
    I'm sure they will answer soon, they are very very efficient!
    Thank you :)

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  • Musixmatch

    Musixmatch just got revamped for iOS13 and Android Q.
    With iOS13 and Android Q supporting a dark mode and being one of the most requested features, it was a given to create a dark mode for our mobile apps.

    0_1568890337341_jpeg dark side.JPG

    "On the dark side of the moon
    I’ll be waiting, I’ll be waiting for you."

    - Dark side of the moon by Pink Floyd

    We got hooked on the hype: a dark interface is easier on the eyes, whether when you’re reading your favorite lyrics at nighttime or while singing along at a party. Additionally, a dark mode gets the things that matter into focus, in our case this being the lyrics.

    The dark mode led us to make our design system flexible and adaptable for future changes. And we’re pretty proud of what we achieved so far because of it.
    That is opening the way to what will be the next Musixmatch in the coming months, we’re so excited to get your hands on the new Musixmatch experience we’re working on.

    🚀 Musixmatch’s dark mode is already available in the latest iOS app and coming very soon on our Android app as well.
    Are you enjoying the dark mode? Share your thoughts with us!

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  • Musixmatch

    Hi! Thanks for this report!
    My advice is to write to
    They will help you for sure with this

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  • Musixmatch

    Why don't you become a Verified Artist? I've read someone already told you this.
    You could verify your own music when you want :)

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  • Musixmatch

    Hey @priiz, thanks for this feedback!
    My advice is to write to writing them exactly the same things you wrote here on the forum.
    Have a nice day :D

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  • Musixmatch

    Hi Guilherme,

    We'll refund you as soon as possible.

    Thank you.

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  • Musixmatch

    You can be connected to your Spotify account in three different ways

    1. Not connected (in the settings you see the button “connect”)
    2. Partial connection (in the settings you are connected but your username doesn’t show when you try to load playlists or albums you just wait forever, and nothing happens
    3. User connected (you see your username)
      In cases 2 and 3 you should logout from the MXM app and close it, then open Spotify and wait for it to load totally, then open MXM again and login. If this doesn’t work:
    • Check the connection, must be stable
    • Disable any ad-block
    • Disable VPN (if there are any)
      None of these things worked? Send a feedback in the MXM app with screenrecording of the problem
      Hope it helps guys!

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  • Musixmatch

    Hi Allison,

    You can fill out our form for the artists.

    Thank you and welcome!

    Allison Leah said:

    Hello! I'm Allison, from NYC. I'm an artist and hoping to add some knowledge and lyrics to this community!

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  • Musixmatch

    Hi Christopher,

    In order to help you, could you please contact us by the mobile app: Home > Settings > "Send Feedback" ?

    Thank you!

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  • Musixmatch

    @alex-rodrigues the translations will be included also in the desktop. At the moment we have not an exact release date.

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