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  • Kjell Ahlström


    Spotify integration doesn't work in windows app.

    Step 1: Download app
    Step 2: Click to connect to Spotify
    ERROR: Empty connect popup opens
    Step 3: Close empty popup
    Step 4: Click connect to spotify button again
    Step 5: Now connection popup work, fill out musixmatch details.
    ERROR: Connected but not showing spotify lyrics
    Step 6: Click reconnect to Spotify
    Step 7: New kind of connect dialog appears that seems to belong to Spotify. Fill it out.
    ERROR: Connected but still not showing spotify lyrics.
    Any reconnect attempts yield same results.
    Step 8: Restart app, nope, no luck, connected but still not showing spotify lyrics.
    Step 9: Restart computer and restart Musixmatch
    ERROR: Musixmatch crashes on launch after computer reboot.
    Step 10: Uninstall Musicmatch
    Step 11: Cry and retry from step1 with same results.

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