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  • Junias

    Yasito said:

    Hi @Junias-Orlovsky!

    I looked the lyrics of the song, and I don't see any particular errors (except for some secondary vocals forgotten).

    If you have an improved version of the lyrics, you can write them here or transcribe it to me in the Discussions, next to the bell icon. It would be a pleasure to change it. 🙂

    hey thanks for check this lyrics!
    i dont mean some critical mistakes but why in every 2nd song misses the repetition of the chorus or something like that?
    its just everytime copy and paste wihout check the original order...

    and you are joking when you say i should post every song here that somebody could correct that...

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  • Junias

    ziemlich schade, dass so viele Songs mit falschen Lyrics voll sind. Ich hätte schon einige Songs übersetzt aber mit falschen Lyrics leider nicht möglich, da so gut wie alle Lyrics gesperrt sind

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  • Junias

    Please unlock the song lyrics I would like to correct the lyrics.

    I dont understand why there are so many songs with wrong locked lyrics. It's so frustrating to see that and cannot do anything against that.

    Artist: Hillsong Worship
    Name: God who saves

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