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  • Davide Devisarno Inghingalo

    With the release of Pantheon of Eluveitie has sprung again the old problem: how to write the lyrics? Being a huge fan of them and also a scholar of gaulish language, I'd propose the following guidelines:

    1. NEVER put the translation in lyrics: there a tool to put them; if we use gaulish AND english in lyrics the app identifies them as ENG and we lose the ability to translate them correctly (also it's hell syncing them)
    2. The day of the release is right to put the booklet's lyrics, the week after is not: a lot of times the real text differs from the booklet one (chorus, repetitions and on and on); let's write them all
    3. INSTRUMENTAL is a word: there's a button to signal that the piece is instrumental indeed. Also if a 3min long piece has 1 line of wispered text in it, it's still NOT instrumental.

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  • Davide Devisarno Inghingalo

    In Mordor Where the Shadows Are was published month ago, but still it's a pain in the ass putting on it lyrics, for Musixmatch does not recognize the Id3...

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  • Davide Devisarno Inghingalo

    The new Emyn Muil's album, Elenion Ancalima, already has been released but Musixmatch does not let me insert the lyrics (it always shows "wrong track infos" error, even if they're right)... how can I insert the album on Musixmatch? I've already found all the lyrics so I'll be able to insert and sync them

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  • Davide Devisarno Inghingalo

    Hi all!
    I've been trying to translate in my language (italian) some Caladan Brood songs, but when I submit the translation nothing happens (I click on the send button), and if I try to hit the back button appears a warning about losing the translation (and so it happens).
    What's the problem?

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