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  • Cesar Cruz

    @aidin Yeah, I just checked and there are 6 of the 13 songs already, so I’ll just add the lyrics to the songs available.
    Thanks for your response!

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  • Cesar Cruz

    Edit: It’s now available in the US iTunes Store as well. Hope to get it soon in Musixmatch.
    There is one album still missing:

    •We’re Just Waiting 4 You (This one is not available at any iTunes Store)

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  • Cesar Cruz

    This album was released some days ago, the thing is that it’s available in the Japanese iTunes Store but not in the other stores. I already have the lyrics for most of the songs, and I’ve also noticed that in the case of this band there are some albums missing that are available in the Japanese iTunes Store and some are available in some other stores as well.

    Japanese iTunes Link:

    Thanks for your help.

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  • Cesar Cruz

    I changed the lyrics to the correct ones. You can help me to double check them as they should be available for you now.

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  • Cesar Cruz

    So, MY FIRST STORY just released a new album called S • S • S and I’ve been wanting to add the lyrics...however, most of the songs are not registered yet and some have mistakes. I found this one but I can’t edit it. These are the lyrics:

    What are you fuckin' doing here
    What are you waiting for tonight
    'Cause I don't know what you are trying to believe

    You will not be the one I love
    You will not be there on my side
    But I can't cut you off cause you are a part of me and my life


    ただ刻み込まれた 激昂
    その掻き消されない 反響
    何故 失いたくないモノばっか 削られて
    まだ突き放せない 逆境
    この錆び付いていた 残像
    今まで失くされたモノが 全部一つに戻るまで

    I'm freaking out of my mind
    I'm straying away from my path
    My demon is the name of why I'm going to lose

    Can you show me the way to you
    Can you make everything go away
    And I will never stop trying to beat you until the day I die

    You are always hiding yourself
    You are always defending yourself
    I won't always hide myself
    I won't always defend myself
    Who are you to me? Who am I to you?
    Who the hell are you? Who the hell am I?
    See it?See it now
    Feel it? Feel it now
    What the fuck is my name!!

    あの赤く染まった 愛情
    また切り落とされて 失踪
    この乱れ狂った 惨状
    また枯れ果てるまで 想像


    I don't wanna become like you
    I don't wanna become just you
    I don't wanna become all you
    I just wanna believe in you
    You can't always become like me
    You can't always become just me
    You can't always become all me
    You can't always believe in me

    ただ刻み込まれた 激昂
    その掻き消されない 反響
    何故 失いたくないモノばっか 削られて
    まだ突き放せない 逆境
    この錆び付いていた 残像
    今まで失くされたモノが 全部一つに戻るまで



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  • Cesar Cruz

    Try posting in the suggestion forum. It should be a thing if there’s a lot of people speaking that language and using the app I guess.

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  • Cesar Cruz

    It happens a lot. Desktop version can be different for some reason to the phone version, and sometimes when you submit lyrics from your phone they simply get cancelled. Try to edit the lyrics from your phone and wait some time when you submit the lyrics before pressing the Continue button, it works for me, tho they can take some time to get reviewed.

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  • Cesar Cruz

    The lyrics for the song are completely bad and are wrong incomplete. Been trying to add the updated ones but they haven’t updated yet. I got the lyrics fron Kanashiro himself so they are correct.
    Can I get some help so I can add them?

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  • Cesar Cruz

    I’ll be sending you some songs that are in Romanji but I cant edit for some reason. I really hope the Musixmatch considers this.

    Thanks for the reply!

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  • Cesar Cruz

    So, recently i recommended a friend some rock bands, thing is that i listen a lot of japanese bands and not all of them have lyrics in english. My friend had the app for getting some of the lyrics but since most of them are writen in Kanji he couldn't understand. Also, I've seen a lot of people adding the Romanji version on the translations which is not the right thing to do.

    If this is a feature on the future I would help to get all those Romanji translations so people can at least sing to their favorite songs easily!

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