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  • "These don't look like true lyrics" error

    Hey! I tried to add the lyrics for "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ" by Käptn Peng with the Android app, and the error message "These don't look like real lyrics" appeared. This might be because some of the lines are quite "unusual", for example two of them just contain the letters A-Z. Can you do something about that, so that the app acknowledges the lyrics?
    EDIT: same is true for the desktop version.

  • This just happened me. I started over and tweaked a few things but really should work.

  • Hi this is Liz making a complaint about the same error...
    Any song I'm either creating the lyrics for or making corrections to... always says "These don't look like true lyrics" every single time... I'm on a PC I've also tried it on my phone & Nook.... it said that same error for all of them.. I kinda got really mad & cursed my phone & Nook. But you know how mad some people can get over some of the smallest things. It's kinda a big thing for me tho... I like looking for songs I love listening to... search them up on here... when I find one that says "Add Lyrics" I do that... It just complains to me now which I find very rude.

    alt text

  • @Joel-Gerhardt Hi!

    sorry for the late reply!
    we added and locked the lyrics you mentioned and now you can check them out here.

    Thank you for your feedback

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