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  • Corrected lyrics rejected

    Hi Guys

    Some time ago I corrected the lyrics for " The first Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by George Michael and the correction was rejected by your lyrics curator Stefi Pimpirulin and 60 points deducted.
    I would like to point out that the corrected lyrics were absolutely correct. The George Michael version has slightly different lyrics to the Roberta Flack version. I would kindly suggest that your lyrics curator,in future, actually listens to the track in question before passing an incorrect judgement.


  • Hi Barry,

    The Lyrics Curator had updated your version because it was without line section separation.

    Please check our guidelines:
    "How to format the lyrics" > "Separate section with double breaks".

    Thank you

  • Hello @Barry-Copley
    Thanks for the report, the Musixmatch Team has been notified.
    It would help a lot to share your Musixmatch user and the link of the lyrics.
    Thank you.

    "Un nuevo día, una nueva oportunidad"

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