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  • Kurdisch Language

    I would like to translate the lyrics of the songs in my mother tongue Kurdish, but I can not find Kurdish in the language list?

    I really like your website and I think you should include Kurdish as language in the list. Because so you do not exclude a lot of people.

    Languages and music are what make us human.

    I ask you for a response to my request and how I can choose Kurdish as the language for the lyrics translations.

    I am looking forward to your reply. I have already written several e-mails (4 Times) and have never received an answer. I find that very shameful and ignorant. Because this page only grows because of the interacting of the members with the translations and the entry of the songs lyrics.

    is here any employee of this website, who can offer me a solution? is here anybody who realy cares?

  • Hi @Haidr-Samo,

    At the moment we don't support Kurdish.

    In the coming months we'll add other languages in the translations list (as Sinhala and Belarusian).

    Thank you,

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