How to start the work

1. Update or download the desktop app

Please tap on that link

2. Check your inbox

You'd have received an email like this:


3. Log-in

Use the email and password received to logged-into the desktop app.

ATTENTION: Do not connect with Facebook or Google


4. Connect your profile to a music streaming service

For the Indian freelancers:
Tap on "Amazon" and choose "India"

0_1547144409302_connect amazon.PNG


Do not have an Amazon account?
Create one for free! Click here

Once you have created an account, you'd start the free trial of Amazon Prime
You can cancel your Amazon account for free in 30 days.

5. Open the Mission section

Once you're connected with Amazon Music, tap on "Mission"


6. Select a Mission of the list and tap on "Open"

Example for India


7. When you're ready, tap on "Start"

0_1547138558175_start buttom.PNG

ATTENTION: in order to perform correctly check carefully the whole guideline.