Why some lyrics are locked?

Songs which say “locked” are lyrics that have been checked by our moderators and you can no longer be edited.

However if you think there’s something the vigilant eyes of our moderators may have missed we’ve missed, let us know by clicking the “Flag lyrics” and then "Wrong lyrics".

You can also ask one of our Lyrics Curator to check them using the tag @ Global-Moderators.

Why are you not authorized to show some lyrics?

Musixmatch respects intellectual property rights and can display all the lyrics it has the rights for.

Whenever you get the "Unfortunately we're not authorized to show these lyrics" error message it means that we're not allowed to show you those lyrics.

We're sorry about that but we continuously seek to close additional agreements with songwriters and their publishers in order to add new lyrics to our service.

When you find this kind of unauthorized messages you can do your part into making the lyrics available to everyone asking the artist to allow Musixmatch to display their content.

Sometimes a nice tweet to the artist may be just enough.