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  • [BUG] Marking song as instrumental

    Hello guys, I've been getting a bug when trying to mark a song as instrumental. When I click the horn on the top right, this is what I get:

    This happends on Google Chrome 69.0.3497.100

    EDIT: updated to Chrome 70.0.3538.67, still the same thing.

  • Hello @Miguel-Coelho
    To mark a song as instrumental you should never type "Instrumental" in the lyrics.
    Only "Instrumental" should be marked with the button located on the left side of the "Send" button.

    "Un nuevo día, una nueva oportunidad"

  • @Musixmatch Unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue, it seems...

  • @miguel-coelho thank you for your report. We have fixed that bug. Could you try again please?

  • Thanks for the information, but that should be made clear to the users somewhere. If it's impossible until the change is done, then the developers should grey out the button, and a message should pop up with that information (not possible now, use the app).

    But the app has a different set of issues for me anyway.

  • Hello @Miguel-Coelho
    Yes, it's "normal" in webpage because Musixmatch is preparing a change to "Mark" the instrumental songs...
    However, you can still "mark" the lyrics as "Instumental" from the app.

    "Un nuevo día, una nueva oportunidad"

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