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  • Welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself 😄

    Hai, saya wa ode nurlisa firman, saya tinggal papua barat, raja ampat, indonesia.

  • Who am I and what do I do: Abdul Jaffar I do field work for the government
    Where am I from and where do I live: i live in the beautiful country of the philippi es
    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: helps me sing along songs i love, so i want to help the community to fix/add lyrics
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Ngiti by ronnie liang
    Want to cry: dance with my father
    Sing LOUDLY: Pagbabago? By Asin
    Want to dance: i dont dance
    Know them by heart: Pagbabago?
    What am I looking forward to: i look forward to contribute to the community.

  • Who am I and what do I do:
    I'm Sean and I'm a computer tech
    Where am I from and where do I live:
    Rochester, NY
    My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: What's Up
    Want to cry: Time After Time
    Sing LOUDLY: Breakfast at Tiffany's
    Want to dance: I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)
    Know them by heart: ???I'm getting too old for that.
    What am I looking forward to: Learning more Lyrics.

    I actually signed up this moment so I could find out how to correct Locked Lyrics. I can't get back to the Savatage song Edge of Thorns though so I'll have to figure it out later.

  • Hi, I'm Rampel, I live in Laredo.
    Congratulations on the work done by all the collaborators.

  • Hi I'm Ian from Australia

  • Hello, I am new here... writing from Vancouver Canada.

    First let me say I enjoy the concept of having the lyrics poping up as I listen to my favorite music! Fun!

    Secondly, sadly I see alot of mistakes in texts, bad synchronizatio, etc... :(

    So would like to contribute, correct, help, have some excitement in the process - impossible.

    Sync button in the floating window of the app is locked out. Simply put it does not work!!!
    Without this interactive aspect of the whole thing...I don't see the point.

    I am seeing posts with similar complaints that are now a year old...odd!

    It seems you need a couple of hours just to figure out the way to contact anybody to get help. I am hoping this actually gets out there?

    Is not my intention to offend anybody. Just venting out my frustration. This should be fun, instead I am getting discouraged.

    Or perhaps ...I am missing something in the setup??? Could somebody help please?

  • Good Evening All, My Name are Joseph Bassey Uya and I am gospel Artist and Stage Name is JOE B... i just joined musixmatch forum and I live in Nigeria (Africa) Abuja Capital City and I want to use this platform and post my songs we you guys so that the world may see it and enjoy it too like others... thanks Joe B............. I love you guys..............

  • I signed up for premium and I cancelled on the same day because I don't want auto renew. I was charged for the subscription and I lost my premium service. Why do you take my money and provide no service? I tried looking for customer support and there wasn't any. This message is my only way of reaching out.


  • hi, my name is jaleah champaine and im happy to be on yall website its alot easier for me to remember the lyrics alot better. Also, i am from Charleston, South Carolina.

  • What a different between different prices of premium types what showing for same periods of premium. ?

  • Im Kevin from Malaysia. I translate lyrics to Bahasa Malaysia. Musixmatch is my everyday activities that make me feel good everytimes.

    Have a good day with Musixmatch

  • Hello! I'm Lidia, I'm Romanian and I live in Italy :)

  • Hello there! I am Liv from Shillong, India

  • Who am I and what do I do: My name is Jefferson and I'm a college student
    Where am I from and where do I live: I'm from Venezuela and I live in Maracaibo
    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: Well, I'm new, but I think it is great
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Oh No! by Marina and the Diamonds
    Want to cry: The Blackest Day by Lana Del Rey
    Sing LOUDLY: Living Dead by Marina and the Diamonds
    Want to dance: Heavy Metal Lover by Lady Gaga
    Know them by heart: Teen Idle by Marina and the Diamonds
    What am I looking forward to: I am looking for contribute to help with the letters

  • Thanks for giving me this opportunity

  • hola, mi nombre es Christian , soy de Ecuador, soy un estudiante de la UTA

  • @musixmatch Hello, I'm Stan Lee, manager at SM Entertainment. Nice to see you all here

  • hi, my name is Nartey Bless, i come from Ghana, i am a student from the university of Ghana lagon

  • Hi everyone! I am Yasir Mahmood, a Pakistani - Urdu national currently a UAE resident. I am having a strong grip on multiple languages like Urdu,Punjabi,Hindi,Arabic,Turkish etc.

    My relationship with Musixmatch is more memorable and fantastic.
    The lyrics make me feel the artists passion and the true meaning of the songs I listen to.

  • @martyn

    1. I am Dorcas Nana Yaa Yeboah and I'm an engineer turned Investment Banker.
    2. I am Ghanaian (African) and Live In Tarkwa an Gold Mining City in the western region of Ghana.
      My relationship with Musixmatch is more of a love affair...I hardly play my music without it. I have it on my phones, laptop and office PC.
      This song’s lyrics make me…
      Smile: As love is my witness - Westlife
      Want to cry: A million Years - Adele
      Sing LOUDLY: What goes around - JT
      Want to dance: Bang 'em sticks - Meghan Trainor
      Know them by heart:All I ask - Adele


  • @derek-sparks

    With the app open:

    1. Click your profile picture/icon or the arrow in the top right corner
    2. Uncheck "Launch on startup"

    That's all you should need to do to stop the app opening on startup.

  • Like the app for windows except it auto starts with my pc which i do not like and I cant figure out how to stop it from doing this?

    So how do I? I would have posted a new thread but cant seem to do that either. Also not of the questions in the support thread have been answered so it seems pointless to do so.

  • @jovan-dozic It's great to have you here, welcome!

  • Hi there!

    I am Jovan. I'm a student of information technology. I also like to make web apps.
    I'm from Novi Sad, Serbia.
    I use Musixmatch on daily bases and I really enjoy it.

    This song make me...
    Smile: All Falls Down by Alan Walker
    Want to cry: I don't have one
    Sing LOUDLY: More Than You Know by Axwell /\ Ingrosso
    Want to dance: Summer by Calvin Harris
    Know them by heart: Faded by Alan Walker

    What am I looking forward to:
    I'm looking to help new Musixmatch users, and to contrubute more (and reach better status like Hero or King).

  • Hello there...

    Who am I and what do I do: I'm a Technologist in Electronics and a music lover, my real name is Yon

    Where am I from and where do I live: I'm from Colombia

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: It's everyday, it's like my homework, my hobby.

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Power of Love - Huey Lewis and the News
    Want to cry: Hold on to my Heart - W.A.S.P
    Sing LOUDLY: In My Darkest Hour - Megadeth
    Want to dance: They don't care about us - Michael Jackson
    Know them by heart: Apuesta por el Rock ’n’ Roll - Heroes del Silencio

    What am I looking forward to: Help to improve the understanding music lyrics from English to Spanish and viceversa doing my best.


  • Hi All...I'm retired and living in Tucson, Arizona. Music has always played a big role in my life from being in the school band since the 5th grade to being accomplished on several instruments by the time I graduated high school in 1974. I joined the Marine Corps for 12 years and received a medical discharge. Then I went to work for the Department of the Army retiring after 27 years. I love this app as it's opened up a new appreciation for music as I can better identify with the artist knowing all the right words instead of guessing as I did as a child and adult. Thanks Musixmatch!

  • Hi everyone! :)

    Who am I and what do I do: My name is Nicole and I'm a computer scientist (though lately, I've been doing less programming and more 3D modeling!)

    Where am I from and where do I live: United States

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: I love it! I first discovered Musixmatch back when it was integrated into Spotify. When they decided to stop showing lyrics, I kinda forgot about it, but last year, I bought an Android phone and rediscovered Musixmatch because of the floating lyrics feature. :) I've been doing my best to contribute ever since, and just recently, I was asked to be a Curator! I'm really excited to help out and improve the site in this new role.

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Busy Earnin' - Jungle
    Want to cry: God Only Knows - The Beach Boys
    Sing LOUDLY: Total Eclipse of the Heart - Bonnie Tyler
    Want to dance: Fun Tonight - Macross 82-99
    Know them by heart: American Pie - Don McLean

    What am I looking forward to: I finally got tickets to PAX East this year, and I am super excited to go! I'm thinking about dressing as Lilith from Borderlands, but we'll see if I can get the costume together in time. :)

  • Hey all! Why not.

    Who am I and what do I do: I'm Bri. I live in the midwest of the US and I'm a police, EMS and fire dispatcher.

    Where am I from and where do I live: Again, midwest US.

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: Good so far!

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Goodnight Moon - Vagabond Opera
    Want to cry: 10am Gare du Nord - Keaton Henson
    Sing LOUDLY: Holding On To You - twenty one pilots
    Want to dance: Night Reconnaissance - The Dresden Dolls
    Know them by heart: Run - Hozier

    What am I looking forward to: Uhh... the tickets I have for the musical I'm going to see next month? My yearly trip to Manhattan coming up this summer? I lead a boring life :)

  • Hi all,
    My name is George Shaw. I live in Fayetteville, AR. I am a small business owner in the remodeling field.

    I love music and have performed in different venues over the years. I also really like Spanish and am working on learning the language. There is actually a Spanish Kids song album that does not have any of the lyrics that I would like to add. The album name is: Cantos Biblicos Infantiles by Cedarmont kids. These are some of the Sunday school songs that I grew up singing as a kid and I want to learn them in Spanish and be able to follow along with the lyrics. :)

    I have added a couple of songs but not sure how to get them approved.

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: music lyrics are very important to me because I have a hard time understanding the lyrics without being able to see them while I am listening.

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Want to cry: When God Ran
    Sing LOUDLY: Overcomer"-- Mandisa
    Know them by heart: He Knows my Name

    What am I looking forward to: being able to add songs that are important to me and then sing them along with my Spotify app.

  • Who am I and what do I do: I am Jazz Guillén. I'm a student.
    Where am I from and where do I live: I'm mexican, and I live in Mexico.
    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: I love Musixmatch.
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: 19-2000 - Gorillaz
    Want to cry: I Don't Love You - My Chemical Romance
    Sing LOUDLY: Come On Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners
    Want to dance: LA Devote - Panic! At The Disco
    Know them by heart: Oh, Calamity! - All Time Low
    What am I looking forward to: Good new music.

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