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  • Welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself 😄

    Who am I and what do I do:
    Artist and general maker of merriment.

    Where am I from and where do I live:
    I'm from Central Florida and currently reside in southern Georgia.

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
    Brand new and interesting.

    This song’s lyrics make me…

    T. Rex ~ Baby Strange

    Want to cry:
    R.E.M. ~ Country Feedback

    Sing LOUDLY:
    Midnight Radio ~ Hedwig and the Angry Inch (OST)

    Want to dance:
    Cities in Dust ~ Siouxsie and the Banshees

    Know by heart:
    just about any song by the the Cure, Duran Duran, the Beatles, David Bowie, the B-52's, Mother Love Bone, Concrete Blonde, Split Enz, the Runways, Blondie, the Ramones, et al. My brain is probably 60% lyrics, maybe more. 🎶🙂🎶

    What am I looking forward to:
    Seeing the Cure next time they tour. (I haven't gotten to yet and they are my #1 bucket list band.)

    I'm glad I found this site! I look forward to learning from and contributing to it. 🙂

  • Nurfatima Selle Hafied said:

    @musixmatch why my musixmatch not connected with my spotify?:(

    Hope it will help you both


  • Kwasi Soúl said:

    How can I add my lyrics hear
    There's a post about adding lyrics. Check it out


  • How can I add my lyrics hear

    1. Who am I and what do I do: milenial

    Hi eveery1 Im Fredd Im just a millennial, I love swimming and running in my spare time, besides of university and other stuff.

    1. Where am I from and where do I live:

    Well I'm from Peru, but I've lived in many contries and learned English and Portuguese.

    1. My relationship with Musixmatch is…:

    I just simply love it, everytime I find a new song I want to learn it ASAP but with #MusixMatch It is no longer quite a problem just matter of time.

    1. This song’s lyrics make me…

    Get nostalgic and dope ! good way to live.

    • Smile:

    AS musch as I can, mostly with pets LOL

    • Want to cry:


    • Sing LOUDLY:

    Crazy Karaoke's get out the best of my friends and I.

    • Want to dance:

    Dang yeah!

    • Know them by heart:

    Serious? fetching and solemn yes!

    1. What am I looking forward to:

    Wish I could know more about setting up stuff like this and help this awesome team in translating the app for spa and Portuguese.

    If ppl around you is happy, it would get easier to be happy as well. no boundaries no contries, just fellas!

  • @marisol-ramos-lópez Same problem, the app is not working :/

  • HI Music Lovers,

    Call me Zull.

    I love music from all genre and love singing along with the songs I am listening to.

    I have been using Musixmatch about 3 years and what excite me was the lyrics and identify. Well, there are other features that attracts me and I enjoyed using Musixmatch. Even my lil'bro had to install it in his i-Phone. Well, i-Phone doesn't have much features as in Android phones. Hope Musixmatch team will look into it.

    Contributor? Well, I would if the songs has not been locked.

    'nuff for now. Chiao

  • Nurfatima Selle Hafied said:

    @musixmatch why my musixmatch not connected with my spotify?:(


  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is M-Ion and I'm a Great Music-Lover, from Nigeria.
    I really can't remember when and how I stumbled on Musixmatch, but believe that Ever Since Then, I've been hooked! :)

    I just love, love, love Music - All Kinds! They make me Smile, Want to cry, Sing LOUDLY, Want to dance, Know some of them by heart...

    I look forward to more and more lyrics, especially from Nigerian Artists.

  • @musixmatch why my musixmatch not connected with my spotify?:(

  • Hello,

    I'm Iasou
    (iasou, not lasou thanks)
    I would love to help writing lyrics of every french song, and translate everything in french
    I live in... France, and have been using Musixmatch from about its start
    My hope for the future is to be able to add myself some songs, with their references, and everything you need to put them on your platform
    More precisely, every Disney song, in every language should have its place here :D

    I just discovered the forum, and I'll try to discuss more here than all alone to get the best translations i can :)

    Ce monde est trop petit pour ne pas vous rencontrer.

  • Hello everyone, "konnichiwa".
    I am called Jun.
    I am Japanese.
    My favorite artist is Susumu Hirasawa , P - MODEL.

    People call Hirasawa Fan "horse's bone" (uma no hone). I am still an apprentice.
    I wanted to know the lyrics of Master Mr. Hirasawa's songs, and I met musixmatch while searching.
    Nice to meet you.

  • Hi.. I'm Rey from Indonesia... I all kind of music..

  • Je suis Milana, j'ai 27 ans et je suis une personne très curieuse, positive et amoureuse de tout ce qui est nouveau et beau. Je suis un jeune steroide opérateur: de base de données à la recherche de nouvelles sensations.

  • Who am I and what do I do:
    Hello people, I'm Alessandro and I am a frontend developer with an endless passion for music and concerts.

    Where am I from and where do I live:
    I am Italian but I live in The Netherlands.

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
    I need it all the time, and I need it to work properly :)

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    The Frogs - Homos
    Elio E Le Storie Tese - Alfieri
    Uochi Toki - Le Ragazze

    Want to cry:
    Amanda Palmer - The Bed Song
    Slowdive - Dagger
    Silverchair - Spawn Again

    Sing LOUDLY:
    Nirvana - Territorial Pissings

    Want to dance:
    Indie & New Wave & Rock & Punk in particular

    Know them by heart:
    Verdena's songs

    What am I looking forward to:
    To learn lyrics I do not remember.


    But the song's questions might have different answers every moment of my life.

  • Who am I and what do I do:
    Hi! My name is Gitta. I love listening to music (duh) and adding, syncing and correcting Kpop lyrics on Musixmatch. ♥

    Where am I from and where do I live:
    I am from Hungary. I live there too.

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
    Love it! I'm a Level 19 Master.

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Stray Kids - Grow Up

    Want to cry: SHINee - Who Waits For Love / ARS (Choi YoungJae of GOT7) - Trauma

    Sing LOUDLY: iKON - Love Scenario

    Want to dance: Most songs :'D

    Know them by heart: GOT7 - A

    What am I looking forward to: Leveling up, adding and correcting more lyrics, helpingothers.

  • Hello everyone.
    My name is Rampel, I'm from Laredo, I'm an INFOSEC, I'm passionate about music without distinction of language, except reggaeton, which by the way and to my bad luck, is what I get most suggestions to contribute to the musixmatch community.

  • @musixmatch Hi, I'm Lorita, an italian computer engineering student in Turin, despite I come from Puglia, the heel of the Italian Boot!
    I found out Musixmatch in the Play Store, and I immediatly liked it!
    I adore music and I think that everybody should have the tools to get songs lyrics from worldwide.
    I'm really glad to be part of this community and to contribute to spread lyrics knowledge worldwide

  • Questionaries, uhm..

    Who am I and what do I do:
    My name's is Federico, I'm a 19 years old student and I'm currently studying business economy and IT. I practice parkour on daily basis and I love cats, I'm quite attached to my 5 years old beast of hell.

    Where am I from and where do I live:
    I'm from Italy and I live in the Northern part of it. I have Austrian ancestors, though, I'm a bit pale compared to a lot of Italians. Maybe it's just because I don't go out really often, who knows?

    My relationship with Musixmatch is… :
    Well, I found this website almost as an accident, but I immediately started to contribute with the translations and I've also added some lyrics, which I hope will be accepted? I don't exactly know how it works, yet.

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Sometimes?
    Want to cry: Just the ones of sad or meaningful songs.
    Sing LOUDLY: I'm NOT that type of person. Maybe?
    Want to dance: Same as above.
    Know them by heart: Yes. Very straightforward indeed.
    What am I looking forward to: I don't exactly understand how this is connected to the introduction of this paragraph, but probably it's just because I'm tired and it's really late here in Italy.

    And, nice to meet y'all.

  • How i add song to musixmatch database?

    Name song : Treasures
    Artist :Naoka Wada

  • I am Caleb, I go by the online name of Killer and I am a Gamer and avid listener of music, be it Rock or other.

    I come from Australia and I live in the City of Brisbane, it's a nice place, I don't get out enough to describe it any better.

    I discovered Musixmatch on PC and used it for listening to Spotify music to see how well it works, I only recently decided to get it for my phone and I have to say it's been a nice experience so far.

    My recent contribution was syncing the lyrics of the song I am Human by Escape the Fate, the song makes me feel enlightened in a way, happy, spirited.

    And I hope to contribute more in the future with many more Lyrics, Syncs and Fixes where I discover they're needed.

  • hello...
    im steven ( MaDRenzo AKA MaDJPN )
    usually im using min**yrics and edit and upload some japanese to japanese-romaji.... which make me easier to learn a song XD...
    but seem its unavailable now... and im seeking new alternative... XD

    Alligator Gozaimasu ~~~

  • Foro de Musixmatch
    Bienvenido a nuestro foro! Por favor, preséntate 😄

    Search or ask a question
    Casa Discusión de la letra Global Comunidad y discusiones generales
    Bienvenido a nuestro foro! Por favor, preséntate 😄

    Si usted es un colaborador de Musixmatch, nosotros ❤️ usted!

    Desde la edición de las 100 mejores canciones hasta la corrección de esa canción independiente de heavy metal.
    Incluso ayudando a otros usuarios de Musixmatch.

    Comparte con nosotros tu mejor experiencia y contribución a Musixmatch.
    Puede ser cualquier cosa, desde crear una tarjeta de letras increíble hasta sincronizar el último álbum de Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

    También puede comenzar a responder estas simples preguntas

    Hola soy Gemma, de Barcelona (España).
    Mi relación con Musixmatch es ...: me ayuda a cantar canciones. amo, entonces quiero ayudar.

    Primero permítanme decir que disfruto el concepto de hacer que las letras aparezcan mientras escucho mi música favorita. ¡Divertido!
    En segundo lugar, lamentablemente veo muchos errores en los textos, mala sincronización, etc. ... :(
    Por lo tanto, me gustaría contribuir, corregir, ayudar, tener algo de entusiasmo en el proceso.
    También me gustaría saber para que sirven los puntos de los que hablan. Gracias

  • I'm Bøz and I am a student from the Central Western United States. I originally joined up to add the lyrics to OG Kid Frost's song "Like a Boss", but am having technical difficulties.

  • Hello, my name is Mauro.
    Computer Scientist, listening to music all the time.

  • Bonjour, my name is Baptiste
    I'm from Toulouse, in south west of France. I'm a geomatic technician in an enterprise that edit software and SIG solution for people transportation and public transport.
    My relationship with Musixmatch started when I lived in Paris and I use public transport every day, I was just reading the real lyrics of my favorites songs and rediscovered songs of my youth, that was so awesome and I still do it.
    I want to improve the very smart idea of this application and website by contributing as a metal music fan.
    I would love to work in such company by the way.

  • My name is Aziz
    I m from Mumbai
    My relations with musixmatch is see the lyrics
    I won't to learn it
    And I m thanks to whom that person has created a nice app

  • Musixmatch said:

    If you are a Musixmatch contributor, we ❤️ you!

    From editing top 100 songs to correcting that indie heavy metal song.
    Even helping other Musixmatch users.

    Share with us your best recent experience and contribution to Musixmatch.
    It can be anything, from making an amazing Lyrics Card to syncing the latest Red Hot Chilli Peppers album.

    You can also start answering to these simple questions:

    1. Who am I and what do I do:
    2. Where am I from and where do I live:
    3. My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
    4. This song’s lyrics make me…
    • Smile:
    • Want to cry:
    • Sing LOUDLY:
    • Want to dance:
    • Know them by heart:
    1. What am I looking forward to:
  • @musixmatch

    Aloha!!!..... All the way from Kailua, Hawaii on the Island of Oahu.

    My name is Darlene but friends call's me "Darla" from the movie
    " The Little Rascal." More on the Hawaiian native
    With that I like to listen too Christian, country, and Hawaiian music. So I began to search for a web site for lyrics and this is how I found musixmatch.

  • Hi Im Nath, 51, Quarter horse Breeder in New Caledonia (French country near Australia)...

    My relationship with Musixmatch is…: Premium, hope to have lyrics On and OUT connexion as promise.... Floating lyrics are cool...
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Le Dîner (Benabar)
    Want to cry: La Corrida (Francis Cabrel)
    Sing LOUDLY: In my Hand (Charly Winston)
    Want to dance: Many : Rock, Blues, Country, Jazz and the mix of these ;)
    Know them by heart: Many also, last one is " Say Something" (Justin Timberlake/Chris Stappleton)
    What am I looking forward to: Utube and spotify lyrics : As im Premium Spotify and Musixmatch, I hope to have lyrics On AND Out of connexion, but it look like not to run..... :(. Also Hope to have lyrics on TV with Chromecast but at the moment, I can't find how I could do......
    Really hard to conjunct with Windows 10 PC, Ios 11Mini Pad and Android Smartphone + Chromecast, Im lost lol !

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