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  • Welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself 😄

    I’m new at this. I thought I’d reply your welcome message the same day I got it.
    Anyway, it’s nice to hear from you.
    Have a good one.

  • Hi everybody!
    My name is Henrike, and I'm living in the north of Germany. I'm currently facing a lot of health issues, so I have more time on my hands, and I started contributing to MusiXmatch because I realised there was a mistake in the lyrics of a song that I discovered on youtube, and I wanted to correct it . . one thing led to another, and I've come to enjoy being able to translate songs into German for my countrymen that aren't comfortable with English. I've also found a lot of old folk songs not having been transcribed at all, so that's where I like to spend my time.
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    • Smile: Dh’èirich mi moch madainn cheòthar, Julie Fowlis
    • Want to cry: The green fields of Canada,
    Cherish the Ladies feat. Heidi Talbot
    • Sing LOUDLY: Ye Jacobites by name, The Johnsons
    • Want to dance: Toss the feathers, The Corrs
    • Know them by heart: An Èala bhan, Julie Fowlis

    I hope to see what else I can contribute, and what everyone else is about . .

    LG Henrike

  • @jorge-olea Hi Jorge!
    I've emailed you 2 days ago.

    Check your inbox! 😎

  • @alessandra
    Thanks for the welcoming.
    I'll be checking a few songs every now and then because I get relaxed when I'm caught up in it.

    Greetings everyone.

  • Hi... Myself Tushar Mokal. I lives in India (Navi Mumbai). I works as an payroll executive in software company.

    I love to listen music and sing along with it. Loved the lyrics library Musixmatch have for maximum songs which I have.

    I always love to help in adding lyrics and syncing them with the songs.

    Thanks & Regards

  • Hi there! I'm Jorge and I'm an English teacher:
    I'm from Mexico City but I live in San Luis Potosi, Mexico:
    My relationship with Musixmatch is great, it helps me reflect on life and improve in my job.:
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: When I find out that I truly can understand tong twisters.
    Want to cry: When they remind me of missing loved ones.
    Sing LOUDLY: When I want to forget about life's trouble.
    Want to dance: if the beat is right.
    Know them by heart: I think songs are a good, if not the best, way to practice a foreign language.
    What am I looking forward to: transcribe any song enforcing Musixmatch guidelines the best way possible.

  • @dejaleesa Hi!
    Welcome to our Community and thanx for sharing your story with us!
    I'm happy you are enjoying Musixmatch and I hope you'll join other discussions here on the forum.

    Whenever you need support you can ask lyrics curators tagging them in your posts using the tag "@lyrics-curators" or mentioning one of them.
    You can find out who lyrics curators are here:

    Have fun!

  • @lety-brave welcome to th forum :D

    1. Who am I and what do I do:
      I'm Dejaleesa and I am a Security Officer and Song Writer

    2. Where am I from and where do I live:
      I'm originally from the Bronx, New York. I eventually moved to Boston, Massachusetts and ended a up staying for a couple of years then migrated to some of the surrounding cities such as Lynn and Chelsea. I currently live in Winston Salem, North Carolina. I am Cherokee Indian, Black and Puerto Rican.

    3. My relationship with Musixmatch is.....
      I love writing music and singing while playing the piano and guitar. I also enjoy translating lyrics to songs and the meaning. Music is my life here on Musixmatch.

    4. This song's lyrics make me.....

    • Smile: Tonight by Xscape and Don't Let Go by
      En Vogue

    • Want to cry: Captive by Joella Nortellus inspired by the
      film Brothers in Arms

    • Sing LOUDLY: In the air tonight by Phil Collins

    • Want to Dance: Slow by Jamie Foxx

    • Know them by heart: Landing in London by **3 Doors

    1. What am I looking forward to:
      To becoming a Professional Singer and Song Writer, contributing to society and seeing my nine year old son grow older as he continues on a good path. I also would like to travel the world.
  • You can also start answering to these simple questions:

    1. Who am I and what do I do: I'm Leticia and I'm a Chemistry student
    2. Where am I from and where do I live: I'm from São Paulo, Brazil
    3. My relationship with Musixmatch is…: I love translate songs, sync and add new songs, my relationship is simply amazing
    4. This song’s lyrics make me…
    • Smile:
    • Want to cry: I don't wanna miss a thing by Aerosmith
    • Sing LOUDLY: Believe by Cher
    • Want to dance: Take care by Drake featuring Rihanna
    • Know them by heart: Have you ever seen the rain by Rod Stuart
    1. What am I looking forward to: to graduate and travel to other countries
  • ❤❤❤Like thank you musixmatch

  • @ajeesh-g-krishnan Hi!

    Thank you for joining the discussion and being part of this Community!

  • Hi I'm Ajeesh basically an Engineer by trade.

    I'm from Kerala, "The Gods own Country" in India. My relationship with Musixmatch is going Fantastic, I love to add and Sync lyrics to the songs.

    This song’s lyrics make me…

    • Smile: Just the way you are, Bruno Mars
    • list itemWant to cry: Seasons in the sun, Westlife
    • list itemSing LOUDLY: In the End, Linkin Park
    • list itemWant to dance: Can't Stop the feeling, Justin Timberlake
    • list itemKnow them by heart: Breathless, Shayne Ward

    What am I looking forward to: Contribute more

  • @ruth-girsang welcome!
    Please refer to me or to our lyrics curators if you need help!
    You can find out who are the Musixmatch LC here: Meet the lyrics curators

  • Hi.. My name is Yuth Girsang.
    I am from Indonesia and I live in Jakarta.
    I love music.
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Extreme - More than word
    Want to cry: ColdPlay - Scientist
    Sing LOUDLY: BTS - Go Go
    Want to dance: EXO - Kokobop
    Know them by heart: BigBang - Blue
    I'm looking forward to make an impact by contributing to musixmatch by syncing lyrics and correcting them.

  • Я Darcy, я из России, люблю добавлять и исправлять тексты. Я перфекционист, поэтому хочу чтобы всегда всё было идеально. Также добавляю переводы на русский язык =)

  • @laura-0 Hi! Welcome to the Musixmatchforum!
    Hope you have fun and get involved.

  • Who am I and what do I do:
    Hi, I'm Laura and I want to help adding and editing lyrics to improve this wonderful app.
    Where am I from and where do I live:
    I'm from Colombia and I'm currently living there.
    My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
    My longest relationship lmao, I love musicxmatch
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Perfect by Ed Sheeran
    Want to cry:

    • Greanade by Bruno Mars
    • Gone by Michl
    • Higher by Rihanna
      Sing LOUDLY: Reflection by Fifth Harmony
      Want to dance: No lie by Dua Lipa
      Know them by heart:
      What am I looking forward to: I know this app is going to be greater so I'm trying to help it to reach the top.

    It's a pleasure meeting all of you.
    Best wishes.

  • Hi everyone

    I am Arman
    I would love to contribute by adding lyrics
    But unfortunately, I do not know how. there is no "Add lyrics" button in the app!
    is there anyone who can help?

  • Hi everyone
    My name is Edson
    I live in Chile
    I love to correct, add lyrics of music in musixmatch
    By the way I speak several languages so i do this for several style and kind of music..
    Like hiphop, reggae, compa, reggaeton, rap kreyol,
    I love musixmatch because it helps me to learn languages

  • Hi everyone!
    My name is Yanikee. I like adding lyrics and correcting them.
    I'm from USA and live in Newport News, Virginia.
    My relationship with Musixmatch is so cool and awesome.
    This song's lyrics make me....
    Smile: Cleopatra's Theme by Cleopatra
    Want to cry: Easier by Kandi feat. Faith Evans
    Sing LOUDLY: Dirty Ol' Man by The Three Degrees
    Want to dance: Jump by Kris Kross
    Know them by heart:
    When Will I See You Again by The Three Degrees
    Nobody's Supposed To Be Here by Deborah Cox
    Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena
    Como La Flor by Selena

    I'm really looking forward to contribute song lyrics and help make Musixmatch the best lyrics site ever.

  • @edgar-m Hi Edgar!
    welcome to the forum! I'm super happy that a multimedia graphic designer joined the Community!

    I'm curious to know what you think about our app and, since you prefer to contribute from your laptop, I'd like to invite you to give the Musixmatch desktop app a try!

    Furthermore, I've just checked your contributions and I've appreciated all the correction you made to make every lyrics perfect.

    I think you could be a perfect Lyrics Curator candidate.
    Check your inbox as soon as you can! 😉

  • @rii-chii Hi Rii!
    I'm happy to have you here! I'm Alessandra and I'm the Musixmatch Community Director, nice to meet you!

    Hope you enjoy this forum and I'd like to invite you to join the discussion in the Japanese section as well:日本語

    We have an amazing Japanese Lyrics Curator & Global Forum Moderator whose name is @Nagi-Ishikura who you can refer if you need support.

    I'll be glad to help too if needed.

    Have a nice day!

  • Hi I am Rii, a front-end web developer.
    I am from Philippines and lives in Japan.
    My relationship with Musixmatch is an upside down rollercoaster of emotions because music and lyrics are full of emotions.

    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: Good Day (Japanese Ver.) by IU
    Want to cry: アイオクリ by Miwa
    Sing LOUDLY: Delight (English Ver.) by Miwa
    Want to dance: We Don't Stop by Kana Nishino
    Know them by heart:
    First Love by Utada Hikaru
    Good Bye Days by YUI
    Tenshi ni Fureta Yo! by Houkago Tea Time
    Natsukoi Monogatari by UxMishi
    Today was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift

    I'm looking forward to contribute song lyrics and its translation from japanese to english. Also to correct the romaji translations of the lyrics.

  • Hello, I'm Edgar Rivera. I am a musician by passion, multimedia graphic designer by profession.

    I am from Mexico, of the CDMX.
    My relationship with musixmatch is enriching and completely satisfying, I learn something new every day.

    Music stirs emotions in me all the time, I really like singing and knowing many songs, that's why musixmatch is perfect for me.

    I wish that in the not too distant future the interface of the app (I use it from pc) would be more customizable.

    I am a lover of literature and good writing (sometimes obsessive with grammar and spelling) that is why I will continue here for a long time. :)

  • My name is Shecaniah. I am working.
    I am from India and I live in Bangalore.
    My relationship with Musixmatch is phenomenal.
    This song’s lyrics make me…
    Smile: One direction - You and I
    Want to cry: John Legend- All of me
    Sing LOUDLY: Ed Sheeran - Thinking out loud
    Want to dance: Bruno Mars- Uptown Funk
    Know them by heart: Maroon 5- Sugar
    I'm looking forward to make an impact by contributing to musixmatch by syncing lyrics and correcting them.

  • Hey there people!

    My Name is Lucas, I’m from São Paulo city in Brazil 🇧🇷
    I “have been” a freelancer translator, but I can say that I’m a guy who loves music and languages. And is sure that musixmatch was such a big help on my quest on the use of music to learn languages.

    As a musician, I can play some instruments but I also love karaoke, so I’m having such a great time on my shower after the launch of the karaoke feature on musixmatch... haahaha.

    That’s why I like to translate, sync and correct lyrics on musixmatch, because most of people just copy and paste from the internet.

    This song’s lyrics make me

    • Smile: Iemanja - Chimarruts (there are many others)
    • Want to cry: Comptine d’Un Autre Été
      Sing LOUDLY: most of the songs I like (sometimes even on the ones with no lyrics at all)
    • Want to dance: so many songs

    I want to improve my language and music skills, improving also this platform that I use for almost 4 years.

    Love this app and I want to help!

  • Hi, everyone! Nice to meet you all! 😄🤗

    Who am I and what do I do:
    My name is Aya and I'm an 22 year old medical student. I speak English, Arabic, German and a little Japanese.

    Where am I from and where do I live:
    I am from and live in Egypt.

    My relationship with Musixmatch is:
    Music is life. ❤️️

    This song’s lyrics make me:
    Smile: GUTS! by Arashi.
    Want to cry: Wrecking ball by Miley Cyrus.

    What am I looking forward to:
    I listen to many unpopular songs, so I want to share my favorite songs with others, because I know many people would love them as much as I do!
    And Musicmatch is my one and only music app. ❤️️ I want to help in making it grow! :)

    Lose yourself in the music. ♪♫♬

  • Hi, I'm Alexander
    I'm student.
    I'm from Russia, Living Nadym..-__-
    I really love Musixmatch because this best website with lyrics for music and translated songs.

  • My name is Mukul Rathore.
    I am From INDIA....and i am an Engineering Student.
    I love to sync music and testing them.
    I am contributing my best to make musixmatch number 1 in world for lyrics.

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