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  • Welcome to our forum! Please introduce yourself 😄

    Hello MusixMatch! First time on the forums, but I've been around MusixMatch on-and-off for awhile.

    1. Who am I and what do I do:
      My name is Wrexie, and I'm a freelance domestic illustrator.
    2. Where am I from and where do I live:
      And I'm from the Seattle area (Washington, USA), born and raised!
    3. My relationship with Musixmatch is…:
      I've been using Musixmatch for years now to understand lyrics and keep me engaged in songs. This site has enabled me to sit down and listen to music in ways that nothing else has before!
    4. This song’s lyrics make me…
    • Smile: ... She's With Me, by High Valley
    • Want to cry: ... Parabol/Parabola, by Tool
    • Sing LOUDLY: ... Courtin' In The Kitchen, by Gaelic Storm
    • Want to dance: ... Courtney, by The Narcissist Cookbook
    • Know them by heart: Dear McCracken, by Bug Hunter
    1. What am I looking forward to:
      I'm looking forward to when that new Tool album drops and a fresh new wave of fans discovers them and then, inevitably, the OG elitists will grouse about how the new, young fans aren't rrrreeeal Tool fans, as if they were born liking Tool, or as if there's a correct way to enjoy Tool. (Basically, I'm excited for new Tool fans because it'll make gatekeepers angry. Mmmmyes.)
      ... Also I'm looking forward to correcting/adding lyrics to songs I love, and improving them for syncing.
  • @sam-zheng
    Thanks Sam, I will do that.

  • @lee-michael Hello Lee Michael! Welcome to the MusixMatch Community! Congrats on your first contribution, however I don't seem to see your name on the actual lyrics for the song. If you are not familiar with how to add lyrics, you simply search for the song on the main MusixMatch website, search for the song (or use the app on your smartphone or desktop) and add lyrics from there. Again welcome to the MusixMatch community!

  • Thanks for welcoming me to the community. I live for music and have done so for most of my 62 years.

    I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to incorrect lyrics being posted on various sites etc.
    Having said that, I would like to make my first contribution.

    Wonderful World by Solomon Grey.

    The view from the bridge
    How far we can see
    These trees were for you
    They blossom and snow

    How long shall we wait
    Since our love surrounds around your heart
    I’ve lost you for now
    I’ve lost you for now
    But dont look down
    Below yourself
    And love yourself

    Alone in the hills
    Our last summer down
    Cold winds meet the sun
    By Autumn you’re gone

    How long shall we wait
    Since our love surrounds, around your heart
    I’ve lost you for now
    I’ve lost you for now but don’t look down
    Below yourself
    And love yourself

  • @aaron-shepherd Does it say anywhere at all: Play music using any of these music apps...
    If it does not you should try re-installing the Musixmatch app on your computer if you haven't already.

  • Having lots of fun correcting, adding, syncing and reviewing lyrics! On my way to being a hero, bring it on!!

  • Having all kinds of trouble with the app.
    Don't understand what is going on. I need help.

  • Looking to fix my spotify, as of now when I launch the app on windows MusixMatch pops up but its just a purple screen but there is no Spotify connect button..

    Lyrics will not show.

    Please help!

  • Hello,

    Some artists that don't exist were created. Exemple:

    Artist above doesn't exist. The only song added in this profile was added correctly here:

    Could you delete the artist created that does not exist?

    How can I report other artists that, like this one, were added wrongly?

    Thank you.

  • can I ask a question when I started to open Spotify then this app it always keep on asking that play song here then i'll show you the lyrics the Spotify app pops up in your app. can u fix it please

  • @ryan-lawton

    You can report it here;

    Or even better here for English lyrics:

    Feel free to text me about anything...

  • @cheezheng-chan @kjell-ahlström @Lydia-Reynold

    Hey, sorry for not seeing this, in case if you missed it the team has already fixed it, you see there was this problem but now it's fixed,

    Here, you can read how to get lyrics to your spotify through the Musixmatch app 😊😊

    Feel free to text me about anything...

  • @cheezheng-chan did u have a solution ?

  • When musixmatch asked me to introduce, i thought it would be a drag to watch blog filled with people's introductions but it is quite the other way around. Happy to see people reflecting my problems as well. now i just need to nod with the problems already on the blog.. add comments if i faced anything different and discuss the remedy.. Glad to join :D

  • @kjell-ahlström I have experienced exactly the same sequence of pain

  • What do i do if i can't reply in lyrics discussion but locked lyrics are wrong?

  • Hi

    Spotify integration doesn't work in windows app.

    Step 1: Download app
    Step 2: Click to connect to Spotify
    ERROR: Empty connect popup opens
    Step 3: Close empty popup
    Step 4: Click connect to spotify button again
    Step 5: Now connection popup work, fill out musixmatch details.
    ERROR: Connected but not showing spotify lyrics
    Step 6: Click reconnect to Spotify
    Step 7: New kind of connect dialog appears that seems to belong to Spotify. Fill it out.
    ERROR: Connected but still not showing spotify lyrics.
    Any reconnect attempts yield same results.
    Step 8: Restart app, nope, no luck, connected but still not showing spotify lyrics.
    Step 9: Restart computer and restart Musixmatch
    ERROR: Musixmatch crashes on launch after computer reboot.
    Step 10: Uninstall Musicmatch
    Step 11: Cry and retry from step1 with same results.

  • @muhammad-saufi I am having just the same problem. It started when the app updated somewhere in June or May.

  • Hello,

    I have some doubts:

    • How do I report wrong metadata? (wrong release date, wrong name of featuring artists, album cover, etc.);

    • Some songs were added two times... How do I tell you for you to correct it?

    • Some artists that don't exist were created. Exemple:

    Artist above doesn't exist. The only song added in this profile was added correctly here:

    I'm waiting for your contact,
    Thank you.

  • why i can't connect my musixmatch with my spotify???

  • how to contribute a new lyric ?

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to make the Floating Lyrics work with DoubleTwist on Android since it's on the list of supported apps but it's not picking up the song.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: Found this that says the problem is on MusixMatch's end

  • Hello

    I can’t download the desktop mac app from your web since saturday and I really want to download it. Could you help me?

    I got this message when Im trying to downloading it :


  • Hello, Im having trouble with the MacBook desktop app, it keeps crashing recently, occasionally usable. please help.

  • Guilherme Aguiar said:

    Hi! I'm having a problem with desktop app. Can you help me?

    Yes, sure. We have contacted you via chat.

  • Hi! I'm having a problem with desktop app. Can you help me?

  • @ramiro-españa it regards the desktop app? could you send us an example via direct message? thank you

  • @musixmatch

    Hi. I'm Ramiro España, I'm from Colombia and live in Cartagena (and no, I do not like reguetón 🤢🤢🤢)
    I have a hate/love relationship with Musixmatch. Why?.

    Lately All the lyrics start in the last word (end). And not syncing whatsoever with any song.
    Is this a bug or do I need a little help.

  • Lyrics problem

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