By adding, editing, syncing, voting, and translating lyrics you'll earn points:

Lyrics Added: + 3

You’ll get +3 points for adding a lyrics.

Not all the lyrics get automatically published but they need to be upvoted by other users.

Lyrics Published: + 6

If a lyrics can be automatically be published, you'll get immediately 6 extra points.

If a lyrics need to be approved, you'll get your 6 extra points when the lyrics go online at the end of the pull.

Lyrics Synced: + 7

You’ll get +7 points for syncing a lyrics.

Lyrics Voted: + 2

You’ll get +2 points for reviewing a lyrics.

Line Translated: + 1

You’ll get +1 points for each line of a lyrics translated.

Every user has a total number of points displayed on the profile page:
Furthermore, every week the Community Leaderboard shows the community members who have contributed the most to the Musixmatch's catalogue.

By default, you'll see the top 10 contributors of the week on the right-hand side of the website Community section:

or you can access the complete list clicking on See all

The Community Leaderboard will update every Sunday evening (Pacific Time), and show the top contributors of the last week.