Signing up to Musixmatch is free and easy.

Choose the type of device you are using below for instructions and remember that Musixmatch accounts follow the account, not the device, so you will be able to use your Musixmatch account on any computer or device you own.

On a Computer:

In order to create an account, please visit the Musixmatch signup page (go to and click on Sign up) using your preferred web browser.

Type in your email address and choose a password. Alternatively, you can also sign up via Facebook or Google.

Click Sign Up and it’s done! You now have a Musixmatch account!

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On a Mobile Device:

After downloading and launching the Musixmatch app from your device's app store, select Sign Up. Then fill out the registration information.

Enter the email address you would like to use and a password or alternatively sign up via Facebook or Google.

Tap Sign Up.

Congratulations, you now have a Musixmatch account!
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