Our new iOS and Android apps are here, and they’re beautiful. ✨

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Over the last few years, we’ve made a number of changes to our apps, as part of an ongoing mission to help our users get the most out of their music displaying synchronized lyrics for any song playing.

We launched multilingual lyrics translations first, to overcome language barriers and allow people to understand songs across language, and Spotify integration later, for a seamless control of their music without even leaving the app.

In this spirit, we are pleased to announce that the version 7.0 of the Musixmatch app offers a new look and feel, enhanced functionality, a more seamless lyrics discovery experience, and some dramatic improvements to make contributing to our catalog with lyrics and translations a lot more fun.
Musixmatch 7.0 (iOS and Android) is finally here and it’s packed with features!

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Here’s why you need to download Musixmatch 7.0 right now:

New Home for your recommended content: discover your favorite lyrics, mixed with fresh recommendations, curated ready-to-stream playlists and lyrics you forgot you loved.

New colorful and immersive lyrics experience:
Have more control over your entire lyrics experience with the redesigned lyrics view. Choose the background color you love and be ready to never miss a word again with the completely revamped lyrics visualization, perfect to follow your favorite song word by word.

Seamless connection with your music: link your Apple Music or Spotify (free or premium) account so you can import your playlists and stream millions of songs with lyrics seamlessly.

Centered space for our Community: users are the power of Musixmatch and now the truly heart of the app with their brand new Contribute tab that gives a faster access to all the ways to get involved in our Community, in addition to new leaderboards and stats.

Beautifully redesigned FloatingLyrics™ for Android: you can now add some magic to the Floating Lyrics changing the theme background color and easily switching between the compact and extended size with just one tap.

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There’s so much to enjoy so for those new to the Musixmatch world.
Here’s a rundown of what you can do on both iOS and Android apps:

  • Get synchronized lyrics for all your music
  • Discover multilanguage translations for the lyrics you love
  • Enjoy a seamless integration with Spotify and Apple Music
  • Identify the lyrics of the music playing around you
  • Have fun with the FloatingLyrics that overlays on top of your apps (Android only)

We are constantly working to make our lyrics app the greatest of all and we’re excited to get it into your hands. As always, we love to hear from you, so send us your feedback!

What are you waiting for? Download the new app now in the iOS App Store or Google Play store (we’re rolling out worldwide starting today).

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