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  • I am facing a severe trouble in translation

    @Alessandra @Simone @Susan Sabatini @Pierpanfilo @luis-martins @forum-moderators @admin Recently i have opened musixmatch account by signing up using my email id not google+ or facebook connect.Then i start syncing,reviewing and translating lyrics in bengali.Everything was going well.Then I have thought to translate lyrics in English also.But when I submit english translation the site says something went wrong,please check your text.I also try this with other language translation option.Same for other languages as well.That means I am only bounded to translate in Bengali only not in other translation.Then when i have opened another account with google+ connect, i have seen that i can submit translaions in any languages from that account.So,that means problem is only with my current account but why?Please any musixmatch team member see this.I don't want to go with a new id because i am with this id for many days and earned 2094 points.
    My account ID: Nirzash Zakilim
    Problem screenshots: alt text
    2nd: alt text
    3rd: alt text
    4th: alt texct


  • @Alessandra @Musixmatch I have posted this 4 days ago.I think that could be problem with my account.Any team member could check my account and find why am I not able to translate to any other language like English,Hindi besides bengali.But I was wrong.Any of the team member are not so active in this site.They came often but not check this type of help post.We are just the contributors the heart of your app.May be if you help me to solve this problem I can help you much by contribute to enrich the app.But I have seen that only the lyrics curators are very helpful in this site.I am totaly lose all my hopes to contribute lyrics to other languages in this app.But I will still contribute in Bengali translation.


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