Musixmatch will make you love your lock screen.

Lyrics fan? If you love memorizing and singing along to lyrics, the new Musixmatch Lyrics LockScreen is what you need!

We’re introducing a new simple and useful app to get the lyrics to whatever song you are currently playing from Spotify, Google Play Music, Pandora or from any other music app, directly where your attention always is, on your lock screen.

The syncing between lyrics and music is one of the coolest things about it, but it’s not over yet!
With its simple design, the Musixmatch Lyrics Lockscreen makes your screen look elegant and beautiful.

Enjoy its simple and elegant design.


In addition, you can enjoy also these following features:

Music Controls: Control the music player without unlocking your device
Notifications: Get your notifications directly on your lock screen

Download the new Musixmatch Lyrics Lockscreen app now from the Google Play Store.

’Cause you make feel like
I’ve been locked out of Heaven
For too long, for too long

  • Bruno Mars, Locked Out Of Heaven