Lyrics Curators are the most passionate and active community members, hand-selected by the Musixmatch internal team based on the merit of their contributions.

They have been spotted for the high quality of their transcribed lyrics, for the high commitment into the Musixmatch mission (build the world's largest lyrics catalogue) and for the interactions with other community members.

This includes providing feedback to other contributors, participating in forum discussions, helping mentor new users, and encouraging great content.

You can spot them by looking for the curator label on their profile in the Musixmatch website.

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Lyrics Curator privileges:*

• Curator label
• Access to the Musixmatch Moderation forum
• Access to Musixmatch Community Slack
• Publish lyrics without the community approval
• Accept/reject lyrics
• Validate Lyrics

*curators privileges can and will be revoked if:

  • you ask us to,
  • we get a high number of complaints,
  • you’ve been inactive for too long,
  • or you simply aren’t following the guidelines.

Things we encourage lyrics curators to do:

• Consistently contributing high-quality lyrics
• Post new lyrics when a song drops, add old songs we’re missing, or correct lyrics.
• Leading, inspiring, and mentoring other contributors
• Creating new initiatives on the Forum.

Become a Lyrics Curator

To be considered for the curation role, you must be an exceptional contributor who consistently contributes to the Musixmatch catalog in one or more of the following ways:

  • Adding missing lyrics

  • Reviewing existing lyrics

  • Transcribing accurate lyrics for new releases

  • Editing wrong lyrics

  • Reporting mistakes on lyrics

Before reaching out ask yourself a few things:

Have you been contributing for more than 3 months?
Are your transcribed lyrics up to par with our lyrics guidelines?
Have you been active on the Musixmatch Forum?
Are you helping us with the new releases?
Can you grant your help on your daily/weekly basis?

If the answer to these questions is yes, please Apply now and you could be the next lyrics curator!

This information will be visible to staff and some curators.
Please make sure your email is valid and correct. A staff member or curators might get in touch with you for more information before accepting your application.