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  • Can't change my profile picture on Musixmatch site.

    I have an official account on Musixmatch, not logged in by Facebook or Google. I'm not able to change my profile picture, so I'm stuck with some blank default pic or either an ''S'' on it.

    I can change it on the Forum, but I don't see a change on the main site. Hope someone helps.

  • You can't change your profile picture within Musixmatch, but it clearly gets profile photos from somewhere (Gravatar is my bet) as I have an avatar that automagically appeared and I only just signed up by email...

  • Actually,If you connect through your google+ or facebook account then the profile picture will be taken from google or facebook account but if you open your account through your mail instead then unfortunately you can't. Because musixmatch has not any such feature to add profile picture,


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