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  • I have a problem with "xx Errors found. Check your translation" message

    I got a problem. I translate different languages into my language and if it's necessary, i put "," and "." at the end of my translated sentence but when I end up translating and trying to send lyrics, it says "xx Errors found. Please check your translation". Also when I try to put "!" or "-" at the end of the sentence, it doesn't give me any error message. Why doesn't it accept . and ,? What can I do to not to get a error message and use that signs?

  • Hi @Selin-Bayram!

    Adding a period or a comma at the end of a translation line is against the rules.

    Musixmatch won't let you send your translations if you don't remove the period or the comma from the translation.

    Best regards, Yasito.

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