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  • Incorrect Johnny Mathis Lyrics

    "Laurie, My Love" lyrics on this site are incorrect. All you have to do is LISTEN to the song and read the lyrics posted on this site, to know what is posted is incorrect. Since I am a "newbie" (at 70 years old) I know a LOT of lyrics and add lyrics and cover art to ALL my mp3 files and I have over 100,000 mp3's.

    Someone who can fix this, should do JUST THAT.

  • @DaneWraith Hi!

    thank you so much for your valuable feedback.
    We are working hard behind the scenes to improve our report system.

    It's already available in our apps a completely new way to report wrong lyrics; now you can send a feedback on lyrics specifying the problem about them.

    We've also just launched a notification feed where contributors get updates about their favourite lyrics.

    All of this will be available soon on our website.

    About the lyrics to You're The One That I Want by Loving Caliberfeat. Lauren Dunn, I have just updated them following your suggestions.

    Whenever you need support, please refer to me.
    I'd be glad to help!

  • The correct lyrics are included here: YOU might take notice that
    every website I went to that have the lyrics to this song ALSO HAVE

    Do you know how that happens? I do. Plagiarism !

    One site gets a set of lyrics and people start copying them
    and adding them to other sites. AND? THAT never ends.

    Instead of PUNISHING members of your site because they are "newbies"
    and don't have enough "points" so they cannot correct lyrics ... GROW UP.
    Remove restrictions from people.

    HOW TO CORRECT YOUR SITE PROBLEM: Have people submit lyrics and
    allow site management to review them, then post them to the appropriate
    page as corrections.

    Now that your site has a blog forum that us "ignorant newbies" can voice
    something that is wrong ~ I will use that avenue to submit corrections to lyrics
    your site contains. It will at LEAST get action and something done about
    others at your site who (without fail) are plagiarizing.

    the correct lyrics for Johnny Mathis - Laurie, My Love:

    “Laurie, My Love”

    Laurie walks down the street
    Blue are her eyes like skies above
    Gold is her hair like wheat
    Oh, how I love you, Laurie, my love
    Oh, how I love you, Laurie, my love

    Gone are the winter snows
    Your lips have melted the frost
    Now like a leaf that blows
    When I am in your embrace
    I am lost, lost in time,
    Lost in space, lost in wonder

    Under the Lilac tree
    There swings a maid I’m dreaming of
    This is my (life) to be
    This is a portrait of Laurie, my love
    This is a portrait of Laurie, my love

      ~ end ~
  • Hi @DaneWraith!

    I confirm that these lyrics are incorrect:

    If you have the corrected version, it would be a pleasure to add them.

    Best regards, Yasito.

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