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  • Translation Guidelines

    This post provides guidelines for translating

    If you have any questions about translations, please contact us at

    1. Tone
    Remember Musixmatch in English is written in a friendly, fresh and casual style.
    You do not need to translate literally or word-for-word, but where possible please try to preserve a friendly tone with your translation.

    2. Proper Names
    Proper names or product names do not need to be translated.
    i.e. "LyricsCard" and "FloatingLyrics".

    3. Placeholders
    Some of the strings that you will be translating contain placeholders (pieces of text that will automatically be replaced with other pieces of text).

    What do placeholders look like?

    Placeholders are anticipated by %.
    The following is an example of string containing a placeholder:

    Example : Level %1$d

    How do I handle placeholders in my translation?

    All placeholders in a string should not be modified.

    5. Corrections
    Translating Musixmatch is a collaborative effort – several translators may work on the same language. To help ensure a consistent and high quality translation for each language, we encourage you to correct mistakes or offer improved translations.
    You can do this by choosing to edit existing translations or voting the existing one.

    Ensuring translation quality

    • When you have translated a string of text, read it again and see if there are any errors or if the translations sounds right in your language.

    • If the translated phrase does not make sense, it is definitely wrong and you should rephrase it.

  • Hi @Nagi-Ishikura!
    Thank you for your feedback! 🙌
    Our amazing designer @Enrico-Capone has received your feedback and he will improve the Japanese translation as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your help!

  • @Musixmatch

    About the top page of the Japanese version website

    Please compare the images first.(It is above the lyrics search bar.)

    ーPublished translationー

    ーTranslation I would like to proposeー

    Proposal contents
    What I would like to propose this time is


    I think that it would be better to perform a line break like this.

    Because I think that I can instantly understand its meaning. Also, since the word "対訳" is a single word, I think that it is not good to create a boundary between them.

    Consider Thank you.

    Lyrics have power💪 over imagination and have the world🌏
    🎉Music and lyrics are wonderful🎉

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