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  • [Solved] Problem when Correcting a Song


    I wanted to correct somes lines of the song 青空Jumping Heart from Aqours (japanese song).

    After correcting, I saved, all was fine.

    But after refreshing the page, all the japanese caracters of the song disappear. I was horrified!

    I checked with another account if the changing was here, but there was the vote. Then, I was wondering if it was possible to cancel the changes (and the vote), because I would like to have the old lyrics on this account.


    Link of the lyrics:青空Jumping-Heart


    EDIT: All comes back to normal, thank you!

    Best regards, Yasito.

  • Hello @Yasito-Gaming

    Regarding voting once you vote, you can not redo it.
    If you have problems with Japanese lyrics, please refer to the URL below.(You can post in Japanese.)


    If you have any questions, please comment.

    Lyrics have power💪 over imagination and have the world🌏
    🎉Music and lyrics are wonderful🎉

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