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  • How to change songs to their original language?

    I've been going around trying to add lyrics and translations to some Tsukiuta songs, but every time I try to add their original kanji lyrics I get the error "invalid strings" then after trying a bit i caved and added the romanji lyrics and it accepted that

    clearly from the name you can tell it's Japanese songs but it won't identify to any original content and lyrics, as well as won't be identified on my phone because it has the original Japanese information on it (and I know you can edit the song info to English but i quiet like it with its original)

    is there any way to fix or maybe report these songs to accept Japanese information?

  • Hi, @Calai-Almada

    Please try the suggestion here. At that time, if you paste the URL of the lyrics page, you can propose more accurately.

    Suggestions for songs can be done here.

    Lyrics have power💪 over imagination and have the world🌏
    🎉Music and lyrics are wonderful🎉

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