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  • option to sync lyrics using translated lyrics

    as i don't know how to read korean characters, i am having a hard time syncing lyrics with korean charaters, I would like to suggest that it should be capable of syncing using translated one or chosen translated lyrics should appear as u sync. Hope you'll hear me. thanks

  • Dear Nique Ozra

    I am adding the korean lyrics in the hangul (korean alphabet) characters on purpose. Because this way you can synchronize it much more accurately than with romanized lyrics. Korean in romanized lyrics is a complete mess anyway. There are about 3 different types of showing korean with romanized letters.

    Korean words are split up in syllables. and one syllable can have up to 3 characters or even 4. As the synch process is done by syllable, this gives you much more time to synch a song very accurately.

    I can tell you it is a real joy to synchronize Korean songs with the korean alphabet. Maybe you do not realize. But in fact it is quite easy to learn the korean alphabet. There are not more than about 40 different characters and it is built up very logically.

    If you need any assistance please tell me. I will be glad to assist you.

    Kind regards


  • Sorry disregard my previous post if you can see it, was on the wrong track

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