Add the power of lyrics to your Messages on iOS 10.

Do lyrics express the perfect way you feel inside?

Now you can hit up your friends with Musixmatch stickers and LyricsCards™ on the Messages app for iOS 10.

With Musixmatch stickers and LyricsCards™ you can use the power of the lyrics to take your iMessage conversations to the next level.

Available today for all iOS 10 devices, you will find Musixmatch stickers and LyricsCards™ directly integrated into Apple’s Messages, making it easier than ever for you to bring smiles and fun to your conversations.

How to add stickers and LyricsCards™ using Musixmatch’s iMessage app

Step #1. Launch Messages from your Home screen.

Step #2. Open a thread or a chat.

Step #3. You have to tap on the show more icon (>).

Step #4. Tap on the Apps button.

Step #5. Tap on the App Shelf button in order to browse through all the installed iMessage apps. Select Musixmatch to have access to all of the stickers.

Step #6. Tap and hold on the sticker you wish to use. Drag the sticker to the message bubble you want to put it onto, and place it where you want it.

We hope you enjoy this new feature. Now go find the perfect lyrics quote to text back your friend on iMessage!

Download the latest version of Musixmatch for iOS.

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