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Updating our iOS and Android apps to make you a lyrics star.

Since we launched Musixmatch, millions of users have helped adding, editing and syncing more than 14 million lyrics to our catalogue — and we know that our community is a big part of our strength!

We have been working hard on revamping our mobile apps, in order to give you, our contributors, a spotlight in our apps. So today we are proudly presenting a total new Musixmatch experience on mobile!

Your contribution is shown to the world

We know that our community is passionate about having the best lyrics available for everyone to enjoy. So from today you can see directly in our apps who was the last one adding, editing, translating or syncing a song.

We are also introducing artists leaderboards, where you can claim to be the top lyrics contributor of your favourite artists and bands.

Earn Musixmatch badges

With the new mobile experience, you will earn badges for many different actions that you currently do in our apps.

Have you added more than 10 lyrics? You can share that achievement with others!

Are you the best lyrics syncer? You can show it to the world.

Or is editing lyrics your passion? We also have a badge for that.

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