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  • Incomplete lyrics

    What's your oppinion about posting incomplete lyrics?
    As for me, I think something is better than nothing, and I have been submitting myself a few incomplete lyrics. I've adopted, though, some basic criteria:

    • try exhautively to complete the lyrics before sending them, whether by searching the Internet, or by hearing the songs and writing them down;
    • only send the lyrics when achieving at least something like 85 percent;
    • fill the blanks with ??? to make clear something is missing.
  • Hi, @luis-martins .

    I agree with your opinion.
    I think that it is better that the blanks are full.

    I think like this.

    • I would like more people to add a function to complete one lyrics.
    • I think it would be nice if you divide the lyrics partly and have a cooperative function so that A is in charge of the English part and B is in charge of the Japanese part.

    Lyrics have power💪 over imagination and have the world🌏
    🎉Music and lyrics are wonderful🎉

  • Hi @luis-martins!
    I agree with you, but I think it is better if you fill the blanks with: [?]

    That moment when you remove your headphones and realize how boring the real world is. 🎧 🎶

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