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  • luis martins

    Hi again, @anton-semyonov . I've just confirmed your corrections to both lyrics. Take a look if your translations went online. If there's something still wrong, use the reporting tool to correct it and I'll confirm that too. Keep xmatching!

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  • luis martins

    Hi @david-9 ! I think it should be translated and shown in quotation marks. Since the whole Bible itself is translated, I would use the better known existing translation, instead of translating it freely by myself.

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  • Musixmatch

    Hi @Haidr-Samo,

    At the moment we don't support Kurdish.

    In the coming months we'll add other languages in the translations list (as Sinhala and Belarusian).

    Thank you,

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  • luis martins

    Hi, @irene-cotrina ! It's not such a sophisticated analysis that leads to that error message, but basically a "bad word" filter, designed to prevent spam.

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  • luis martins

    Hi, @anton-semyonov ! Problems saving translations may be due to app's instability and bugs. Translations need not to be approved, but won't save over a previous one, unless sent by a higher ranked user.
    Besides, I guess that previous existing translations may not be showing. Any changes in the original language string, due to further editing, disable and prevent the translation from being seen, but it is somehow still there (if lyrics are set back, the translation will reappear). That "ghost" translation may be jeopardizing new translations submissions.

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  • Nagi Ishikura

    Hello, @jervin-khoo
    I am Ishikura of Lyrics curator and global moderator.

    Please let me know the details so I can help you

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  • luis martins

    Hi @ewa-śliwińska , something similar is happening to me, I'll try to find out and let you know. We can't even begin the synching, though asked or suggested to do it. In my case, I was trying to sync lyrics from the contributions page, but which were unavailable on Spotify, which may be the reason. But you were playing from Spotify, right?

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  • Nagi Ishikura

    @m-a さんこんにちは。

    m.a said:

    Zzz / 佐咲紗花
    快晴 / Orangestar feat. 初音ミク



    ・快晴 ー Orangestar feat. 初音ミク


    コミュニティ/歌詞のフィードバック(English *曲情報は日本語可)
    URL:https : //





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  • Musixmatch

    Could I add/edit and synchronize the lyrics of the mission through the mobile apps (Android/iOS) ?

    No, the only way to complete your task is working by the desktop app.
    ATTENTION: the lyrics not synchronized via Desktop app will be not considered as completed

    I'm not sure about a lyrics. What should I do?

    When you have a little or big doubt about a lyrics (strange word, difficult understanding, regional language, etc), you must delete the task from your list. The task will be reassigned to another freelancer.

    For deleting the song, you'd tap on the trash symbol at the right of the Edit button and choose "Cancel task".


    A song is sung in two languages (e.g. Hindi and English), what should I do?

    When a lyrics is a mix of 2 (or more) languages, you'd transcribe it in both languages.

    Song example

    Fight fight, fight like Bruce Lee
    Fight fight, fight like Bruce Lee
    Fight fight, fight like Bruce Lee
    Fight fight, fight like Bruce Lee

    मेरा सोला का डोला
    छियालीस की छाती
    सीधी बात बोलूं
    बातें घुमानी नहीं आती
    आता माझी सटकली

    The song that I'm listening is instrumental. What should I do?

    You'd tap on the 3 dots in the center of the screen and select "Mark as instrumental". The lyrics will be consider as "Completed".


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  • Musixmatch

    How to start the work

    1. Update or download the desktop app

    Please tap on that link

    2. Check your inbox

    You'd have received an email like this:


    3. Log-in

    Use the email and password received to logged-into the desktop app.

    ATTENTION: Do not connect with Facebook or Google


    4. Connect your profile to a music streaming service

    For the Indian freelancers:
    Tap on "Amazon" and choose "India"

    0_1547144409302_connect amazon.PNG


    Do not have an Amazon account?
    Create one for free! Click here

    Once you have created an account, you'd start the free trial of Amazon Prime
    You can cancel your Amazon account for free in 30 days.

    5. Open the Mission section

    Once you're connected with Amazon Music, tap on "Mission"


    6. Select a Mission of the list and tap on "Open"

    Example for India


    7. When you're ready, tap on "Start"

    0_1547138558175_start buttom.PNG

    ATTENTION: in order to perform correctly check carefully the whole guideline.

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